Best Bulldog Archery Targets 2021

Best Bulldog Archery Targets 2021

By Moritz

Bulldog Archery Target

If you plan on shooting arrows at home, you are going to need a great target to make it happen. This gives you direction, and you can practice hitting your target at various distances.

You don’t want to use just any old archery target. A target from the Bulldog brand means you will be getting a top-quality item that will stand up to all wear and tear, whether it’s the sparse hits from a first-time archer or the constant barrage fired by an old pro.

Let’s get into it, first with a discussion of the four Best Bulldog Archery Targets 2021.

Top Archery Bulldog Targets

1. The Pug by Bulldog Targets

Bulldog Pug 19"x 16"x 10" Self Standing Lightweight Archery Target

No broadheads or oversized field points are to be used with this target!

This will put a stop to any crossbow or bow you can throw at it. It is smaller than most other targets and won’t take up space if you plan to take it on the road or live in a small space. It weighs just 12 lbs, so it’s easy to carry around and won’t make you tired. There is even a carrying handle to make it easy to move.

This is a small but tough little target and is just great to take on the road. It is priced right- you know the quality is there, and the investment you make will be one to hold up for a while.

2. The Doghouse XP by Bulldog Targets

This target stops any arrow that any bow or crossbow sends its way!
So, feel free to bring out all your arrows and use them as you like on this target. With one foot of stopping distance, you will be able to use this time and time again. It has a thick self-standing internal frame as well.

This is a perfect target for all you archers out there that plan on doing the sport often and need a target that just won’t quit. Whether you own a fastbow, crossbow, or something else, this one is perfect.

Arrow removal is so easy on this, too. Users reported simply being able to reach over and pull the arrows out. One user even noted their young child was able to pull them out. (Note: Very young children should not be allowed around the archery practice range, nor should they be allowed to handle the equipment).

The RangeDog by Bulldog Targets

Bulldog RangeDog 36" x36 x 12" Flat Face Archery Target (Target Only), White

All arrows except broadheads can be used on this particular target- it is advised not to use them on this target!

This particular target grants you the lifespan of a bag style target, but it comes with a flat face which lets you pin regular targets to it. The insides are the same quality you expect from the Bulldog brand, but there are no dots painted on the front.

This is designed for use just as you would at the range. There are straps attached, so even though this target is very heavy, it is not hard to carry when two people work together. It weighs in at 65 lbs. The target is made of durable nylon, so even if it gets left in the rain or snow, it will be OK.

The Original DogHouse by Bulldog Targets

Only field points can be used with this target.!
It is lightweight at 25 lbs, so anything beyond field points could be too much for it to handle. Gold tips are also great for use with this target.

Your field point arrow will stop dead in its tracks with this great target. It is a self-standing option and weighs in at 25 lbs. It measures up at 24”x24”x9.5”. It’s great to take on the road for target practice in the country or a friend’s house.

Users report that it is perfect for backyard use, and thousands of shots can go into it before it’s time to discard it. Also noted is how easy it is to remove the arrows once you’ve shot them in.

Users report trying out bows of varying measurements and the target standing up over time. In our eyes, this one is a real winner.

Buying Guide for Archery Targets

Here’s what to look for as you shop around for your archery target- whether you’re looking for a Bulldog or something else!

Arrow Removal- You will be practicing with many different arrow types, so you need to get them out of the target with little or no damage. Make sure you can remove your arrow type out of the target with relative ease.

Durability Check- How long will this last? Are you an everyday archer, or will you be out there intermittently? Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to buy the target over and over again. Invest in a target that can handle the toughest of sessions.

Setup Check- How easy is it to set this thing up? Similar supports or walls are necessary to set up target stands. Carrying the target is also necessary, and these tend to be heavy. You wouldn’t want to tire yourself out before you even start shooting.

Size Check- The size of your target matters as it can imitate your hunting targets. When purchasing your target, keep in mind that the bigger it is, the more it affects its weight, which makes it hard to carry around. This also makes the target large enough to ensure the correct aim.

Archery Safety

Archery is one of the most satisfying sports you will ever partake in. However, safety should be the number one priority of all participants. Here is a quick guide to being safe as you take to the range, the backyard, or the field. This is not exhaustive but will serve as an introduction to staying safe.

  • Only point your bow and arrow in a safe direction.
  • Never take mood-altering medicines or consume alcohol before, during, or after the use of a bow.
  • Keep arrows stored in quivers and keep accessories in a padded bag or box.
  • Watch for defects or damage in equipment.
  • Check arrow for cracks, bends, dents and toss any that are permanently damaged
  • Check bow before use for defects, separations, breaks, dents, or cracks
  • Check the integrity of the bowstring each use, replace if frayed or worn. Using bowstring wax will keep your bowstring in good shape longer.
  • Keep bows in their cases and keep longbows and recurves unstrung.
  • Wear finger protectors and arm guards when shooting.
  • Do not dry fire the bow as this can cause damage to the bow or cause injury to you.
  • Only shoot when the area or range is safe or there is an adequate backstop.
  • Never shoot an arrow straight into the air.
  • Keep yourself safe by handling arrows carefully. Use a covered arrow quiver to do this.
  • Nock the arrow only when safe to shoot.

Archery Backstops

2 archery targets with backstops

Unless you want to be chasing arrows around like a crazy person after you’ve taken your shot, you are going to need an archery backstop. This cuts out the hassle.

The backstop is material you put behind an archery target. It catches arrows for you. Backstops are usually made of spongy, thick material that takes in the shock of the arrow. If you were to shoot an arrow at a solid surface like a concrete wall or fence, the arrow would bust on impact.

Backstops allow the arrow a place to sink in slowly if it does not make the target.

Most of the time, you can use a hay bale to provide a safe backstop for your arrow. These are affordable and are available for sale at farms or farm supply shops. It’s forging but not as long-lived as foam.

Foam can be used again and again, and the arrows won’t leave permanent markings behind. Hay bales are great, but you will have to rearrange it and eventually replace it once it gets too full of gaps.

Old foam mats are OK to use, too. Kids use them at play gyms and in nap times at school. Old floor mats are OK also. Just make sure to use an arrow puller when you extract your arrows, so you don’t break it.

You also want to make sure the backstop is higher and wider than the target. This way, you don’t need to run around as a means of collecting the stray shots which miss the mark. If you must work on your aim, are practicing with a new archer, or just are tired of losing arrows, a backstop is a must.


We hope this discussion of Best Bulldog Archery Targets 2021 has been helpful to you. The most important thing to remember is safety. A fun target practice session can turn into a bad memory fast if all precautions are not followed.

A safe setup featuring a quality target and common sense will ensure hundreds of fun and beneficial sessions using your bow and arrows.

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