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The Best 3D Archery Targets Compared

A 3D target for archery practice.

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I have talked in detail about 3D archery targets in my article here.

Today I want to pick up this topic again and show you the best 3D archery targets while focusing on the best quality possible:

Separate The Good From The Bad

Remember that you have to make sure that the target you buy has to stop and withstand many arrows, so don’t buy a target that is too cheap as cheap targets are mostly not of excellent quality and will get destroyed quickly.

3d target shooting

Archer shooting at a 3D target. Used under creative commons from: commonswiki

Another important factor is, that it has to be easy to set up your target and that it doesn’t fall over all the time.
Nothing is more important than a target that you have to set upright after every hit.
Most 3D targets offered come without a target stand! Don’t forget to buy a target stand!

If you already read my previous post, you know that I recommend 3D targets with exchangeable vital parts.
Hunters always aim to hit the vital parts (heart, lungs, etc.) to kill their prey quickly to keep suffering to a minimum.

For that reason, good targets have clearly marked vital parts.
This helps to practice the perfect shot.

But this also means that this area will get more hits than the rest of your 3D target.

Instead of having to buy a completely new target all the time, the vital parts of high-quality targets can be replaced with new ones, which extends the life of your target for a long time.

3D Archery Targets And Supplies I Think Are Great

I will tell you a bit more about three targets and one target stand:

  • Turkey 3D Target
  • Broadhead Buck 3D Target
  • Coyote 3D Target
  • Universal 3D Target Stand

All of these targets are of high quality and their vital parts can be replaced:

Turkey 3D Target RINEHART 41611 Woodland Strutting Turkey Target, Black

This lovely and detailed target resembles a 14 lb. turkey.

I think it looks great, just like in real life.

You can shoot at it with all bow types and can use both target points and broadheads. It can also be used when shooting with a crossbow!
Broadheads will cause more damage than target points, of course.

Arrows can be removed easily. You shouldn’t need an arrow puller to get your arrows out of the target.

The dimensions of the turkey 3D target are 21″ x 19″ x 27″.

I found the best price for this target here.

Broadhead Buck 3D Target

If you want to shoot at something bigger than a turkey, then you will like the Broadhead Buck 3D Target.

Please note that the target does not simulate an adult but is more of the size of a yearling. Its height is 28″ and the length is 45″. Rinehart Targets Broadhead Buck Target, Yellow

First I have to say that it looks fantastic and is of the best quality that you can get!

It will withstand thousands of arrows and if the vital parts wear off after some time, you can just replace them quickly and easily.

Whether you are using it in your backyard or on a 3D course, this 3D target will serve you well for a long time.

Rinehart is famous for its high-quality target and “self-healing foam”. The holes will close themselves after you pull out the arrow, which will make it last even longer.

Like the name suggests you can use broadhead arrows on this target without a problem!

After each hit, you can check whether your shot would have been a deadly one, or not.
That way you can improve your accuracy more and more and will be ready to hunt when it’s the season.

I recommend getting a target stand for easier installation (see below).

The best price for the Broadhead Buck 3D Target can be found here (replacement part here).

Coyote 3D Target Delta Howling Coyote 3D Target

Scared of coyotes?
Get one of these targets to fight your fear (and improve your aim, of course).

They are a great alternative to the more traditional targets like deer, turkeys, boars, etc.

With the dimensions of 36″ x 9″ x 36″, it is the same size as a real-life coyote.
Best for target practice when having a coyote problem. (If hunting real coyotes you have to make sure that it’s legal to do so in your country/state!)

The Coyote 3D Target can withstand all arrow and bow types.
Like the targets above it has replaceable vital parts to prolong the target’s life for a very long time.

It is made of a special foam that will close the holes made by the arrows after you pull them out.
The arrows are also very easy to remove from the target, which is a big plus.

You will find the lowest price for the Coyote 3D Target here.

Universal 3D Target Stand

Most 3D targets have metal rods (mounting stakes) or other ways to make them stand up.

It can be a hustle to set up targets that way and if you want to move them you have to get them out of the ground first and then drive the stakes into the ground at the new place again.
Imagine doing this when the ground is frozen!

Shooter Grandstand - Universal Adjustable 3D Archery Target Stand

The Universal 3D Target Stand fits most 3D targets because you can adjust its width easily.
After you have mounted the target to the target stand, you can easily move it to another place without much effort.

There is not much more to say about the 3D target stand, really.
It does a great job and makes your life much easier when shooting at 3D targets.

Get the Universal 3D Target Stand for a great price here.

Quick Summary And My Opinion

As you can see, there are many different types of 3D archery targets.
All the targets I introduced above are of superb quality and will last for many archery sessions and hundreds, even thousands, of arrows.

Profile-ImageI love 3D targets because they are such a nice change to traditional archery targets.

If you like traditional targets, though, you can read more about them in my article about the different target types.
I hope you will find the perfect target for your needs here.

Let me know which one you like the most.
If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments below and I will answer you quickly.

Talk to you soon.

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Good information here. I myself do a lot of hunting but not so much with bows, my wife’s son is big into archery and he just recently started using 3D targets. He tells me the closer you can get to practising on the real thing the more successful you will be. I guess I need to get out there with him and see for myself.


    Hi Mark,

    that’s absolutely correct. When people want to go hunting with a bow, it is always a good idea to practice on 3D targets first. There’s nothing worse than hurting an animal and make it suffer longer than necessary.
    Getting a clean and fast kill is always the best when hunting.

    But 3D targets are great for those, who don’t like shooting at real animals, too.
    In some countries, it is even forbidden to go hunting with a bow. 3D targets are a great alternative then.

    Have a great day,

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