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Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit Review

By Moritz

Raptor Compound Bow Kit

In my Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit review you will find out why this is an outstanding bow for advanced archers. If you have been shooting for a while and want to take the next step, this bow is the perfect choice.

It is strong, fast and can be used for hunting, bowfishing or target practice.
Read the full review and get blown away.

Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit

Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit

Key Features and Attachments:

  • Name: Raptor Compound Bow
  • Bow Type: Compound Bow
  • Draw Weight: 30 - 70 LBS
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    Draw Length: 24.5" - 31"
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    Bow Length: 30"
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    Arrow Speed: Up to 315 FPS
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    Let-Off: 75%
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    Available For: Right Hand Only (at the moment)
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    Materials used: Aluminum & Fiberglass
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    Colors: Black & Camo
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    ​Included In The Pack: Bow Sight, Arrow Rest, Stabilizer, Peep Sight, Loop
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    Made In The US​A
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    ​Ready ​To Shoot

​​A Great Bow for Hunting

​The Raptor Compound Bow is very strong and ​fast. Thanks to these features, the accuracy ​is on point and the penetration of your target is much higher. This is especially important when you are out hunting game.

But it is not only great for hunting. If you just want a badass bow for target practice or competitions, the Raptor will never let you down.
Let's explore all the features and attachements that come with this bow kit:

​​​Advantages of a "Ready To Shoot Bow"

​When you get your first bow, there are so many things you need to consider. Which arrow rest is the best for your bow, which sight, which stabilizer, and so on. It can be really frustrating and time consuming to get everything right.

However, with a "ready to shoot bow" you don't have these problems. Everything is put together for you and you don't need to worry about technical issues at all. Just get the bow out of the box, adjust the draw weight and get shooting.

​Important: Arrows are not included in this package. Those need to be bought extra.

​The 5-Pin Bow Sight

​Very often, bow kits or bow packages come with mediocre bow sights. So it was a surprise to me that this bow sight is actually really good. The 5 pins are illuminated and freely adustable.
You won't need a new bow sight after just a few weeks or month. This one can help you hit the target for a long time.

​Arrow Rest and Stabilizers

​Compound bows need a good arrow rest and stabilizers to mazimise their potential and accuracy.

The Raptor comes with a whisker buscuit arrow rest. This type of arrow rest is known for its ease of use and reliabilty. The whiskers hold the arrow in place but also let it go with almost no resistance. Perfect for sharp shooters!

The included stabilizers reduce vibration, rotation, and "kick" of ​your bow. These are also a must-have for every compound bow archer. So it is a big plus to have them included!

​Draw Weight, Let-Off ​& Speed of the Raptor

​This compound bow is a bow for advanced archers. The lowest draw weight is 30 LBS. This might not sound like a lot but I would still recommend to start with a "lighter" bow if you are a complete beginner. The maximum draw weight of the raptor is 70 LBS.

The bow has a let-off of 75%. That means that when you are in full draw, you only need to hold 75% percent of the original weight. Still, it is important that you don't struggle to pull the original weight or it could have a negative impact on your technique.

With the maximum speed of 315 FPS, you have one of the faster bows at hand. There are bows that can be a bit faster but this is already amazing! Speed is important for accuracy and penetration. When you shoot a heavy arrow with a high speed, it will have no problem to hit and take down a buck instantly.

​Who Is This Bow For?

​If you are serious about becoming a successful archer or hunter this bow is for you. I don't recommend it to beginners. So when you are looking for your second bow, this is the one you should get.

It is perfect for hunting in any weather condition. Riser and cams are made of aluminum, while the limbs are made of fiberglass. These make the bow both strong and flexible. It is also super durable.

Get the Raptor Compound Bow Kit here and take archery to the next level.

Conclusion: I Love the Raptor Bow

This was my ​Raptor ​Compound Hunting Bow Kit review. As mentioned above, it comes with everything (excluding arrows) to get started shooting right away. It is a great bow for advanced archers who like a fast, strong, and accurate compound bow.

​If you have any question about this or other bows, don't hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will get back to you as fast as I can.
Have a great day and happy shooting.

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