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The Best Rangefinder For Archery

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For a while now, I have been trying to find the best rangefinder for archery.
I had a look at some rangefinders and concluded that the Nikon Prostaff Laser Rangefinder is the best in the field.

You can use it for other things besides archery too, of course.
But I want to talk about why it is so effective when used by a bowhunter:

A Quick Look At The Specifications Nikon Prostaff 1000 Laser Rangefinder - 16664 Bundle with 3 CR2 Batteries and Lumintrail Lens Cloth

Name: Nikon Prostaff Laser Rangefinder
Size: 3.6″L x 1.5″W x 2.9″H
Weight: 120 Grams (Without Batteries)
Modes: Yard Or Centimeter
Intervals: 1 Yard/Meter Intervals
Specialty: Tru-Target Technology
Water Resistant: Yes
Eye Relief: Yes
Optics And Magnification: High-Quality Optics With 6x Magnification
Best Place To Buy:

What Is A Laser Rangefinder?

When you have come to this page you most likely know what a laser rangefinder does.
It tells you the exact distance to an object you are aiming at with the rangefinder.

No need to estimate the distance anymore.
Just point at your target and you know it for sure.

Who Profits From A Rangefinder?

I think everybody who uses an archery sight will benefit from a rangefinder.
Sights like the TruGlo Single Pin Sight have a yardage dial to adjust the sight to the distance.
Without a rangefinder, you would still have to guess and then set your pin.
With a rangefinder, you can eliminate human error and that will improve your archery experience a lot!

Don’t take a wild guess!
Be sure with a rangefinder!

The Nikon Prostaff Laser Rangefinder Is Amazing

Now, let’s take a closer look.

This rangefinder has some really great advantages:

  • high quality
  • quick measurement
  • small and light
  • easy to use
  • 6x magnification
  • unobstructed display
  • long eye relief

High Quality for a long life

I think that it is well-known that Nikon has great optics with the highest quality.
This is true for this rangefinder, too.
Not only the optics are great, but the whole tool feels very robust and looks great.

Quick Measurement in every situation

Very important when hunting!
When a deer suddenly approaches, you don’t want to waste much time and have to get ready to shoot quickly.
This is what the Nikon Prostaff Laser Rangefinder does best.
You push the button and you get the distance to your prey instantly!
Aim your rangefinder, push the button and you know the distance.
Just like that.

Nikon Prostaff 1000 Laser Rangefinder - 16664 Bundle with 3 CR2 Batteries and Lumintrail Lens Cloth

Small And Light for easy transport

Another great advantage.
You can carry this rangefinder in a pocket or around your neck and you won’t even feel its weight.
Perfect for long hunting sessions out in the woods.

Easy To Use thanks to fewer buttons

All the rangefinder has and needs are two buttons.
One to turn it on and one to change between yard and meters.
It can’t get easier than that.
Also, note that the rangefinder will turn off by itself when it isn’t used for 8 seconds.
When you hold down the power button, the rangefinder will give you exact measurements for 20 seconds.
So you can move the rangefinder around and will always know the distance to the object you are aiming at.

6x magnification

As a good rangefinder, it also has a magnification.
The 6x magnification makes it easier to aim at targets that are further away.
A great plus!

Unobstructed Display without distractions

Ever used a rangefinder that has a display full of additional information?
I think it is annoying, so I was really happy when I found out that this rangefinder has a very simple and uncluttered display.
So you can focus easily on what you want to aim at.

Nikon Prostaff 1000 Laser Rangefinder - 16664 Bundle with 3 CR2 Batteries and Lumintrail Lens Cloth

Long Eye Relief protects your eyes

Maybe you know this from rifle scopes already.
An eye relief means, that you don’t have to press your eye directly on the scope (or range finder).
Instead, you can hold it a few centimeters from your eyes to see all the rangefinder shows.

When using a scope this is done to save you from injuries.
Imagine you are looking through a scope but have to press your eye at the scope.
Now you shoot and the recoil of the gun makes the scope hit your eye.
Severe injuries can come from that.
That’s one reason why scopes usually have an eye relief, too.

A long eye relief is great for rangefinders, too.
It makes it much more comfortable to use.
I enjoy using the Nikon Prostaff Laser Rangefinder with its long eye relief.

Exclusive Feature: The Tru-Target Technology

The Tru-Target Technology has two different modes:

1. First Target Priority

As the name suggests, while using this mode you can range an object (even small ones) that is closest to you. It won’t focus on targets that are further away.

2. Distant Target Priority

Here, you can range a target that is farthest away from a group of targets.

Conclusion: This Laser Rangefinder Rocks

Moritz ImageThere is just nothing bad to say about this rangefinder.
It is small and portable. Measures quickly and always picks up the object that is furthest away.
It is also super easy to use and will shut down by itself to save energy.
The rangefinder can give you the distance to targets that are between 1 to 550 yards away.

I know it is great and that you will not regret getting one for yourself.
For that price, it is the best rangefinder for archery!

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