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Jan 20

Archery For Blind People – Is It Possible?

By Moritz

archery for blind people

Archery is a sport where we try to hit a target. So, how about archery for blind people? Can people who are not able to see participate in archery? How can they hit a target? Is it maybe too dangerous? Read on to learn how visually impaired people can still have fun with archery: Can Blind […]

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Nov 18

What Is A Longbow?

By Moritz

Medieval Archer

I dedicated most of my time in archery to longbows, so today I want to answer the question: “What Is A Longbow?” Find out why it is so much more than just a piece of wood with a string attached to it: The History Of The Longbow Don’t worry, I will keep this short: The longbow […]

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Nov 08

Choose Your Correct Bow Draw Weight

By Moritz

correct draw weight

Knowing the correct bow draw weight is one of the most important things in archery. Too many new archers are trying to shoot with a bow that is too strong for them. Do yourself a favor and read through my article to save yourself a lot of frustration, pain and money: What Is Bow Draw […]

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