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Hello everyone, I am Moritz and I have become a huge archery enthusiast since I started with archery more than 10 years ago.Moritz Steck

Archery gives me everything I expect from a hobby. Focus, exercise, relaxation, fresh air and most importantly a lot of fun! I just love to go to the archery range and lose myself in the routine of loading, drawing and releasing.

I noticed quickly that you can improve rather quickly and become an efficient archer in a short time, but to become a really good or even professional archer it takes a lot of practice, patience and focus.
I am far from being a professional archer but my arrows fly where I want them to fly more often than not.

On this site, I want to share my thoughts on various aspects of archery with you. How to get started, what bow type is best for what type of shooting, equipment and more.

If you ever have any question, ideas, or you agree or even disagree with something I write, I want to invite you to get involved with my site. Archery is my biggest hobby and I love to write and talk about it. It is even more fun when I can discuss this with you here on my site.
So please speak up and share your thoughts with me and other readers.

So now to me:

I am now 32 years old and teach English in Taiwan. I am originally from Germany but decided 5 years ago to leave Germany to see more of the world.
This decision brought me first to Australia and then to Taiwan.

I have many hobbies, mainly sports activities but others, too, like traveling, reading, watching movies and computer technologies.

Before I started with archery I often felt stressed, sometimes even haunted.
I needed something to relax and find my focus. As you can imagine I found this in archery and I am very happy that I found my inner peace with archery.

If you are thinking about starting archery I would highly recommend to give it a try! It is a great activity.
The next weeks and months I will give you all the information you need and more interesting articles about archery. As a start, why not read my how to get started guide.

If you feel stressed and unfocused try archery to get you out of this situation. I will be here to help you if you have any question or problem that is related to archery.
Just leave a comment and I will get back to you as fast as I can.

Anyways, I hope you are having a great time here on my site and with archery! Thanks for visiting and I hope to talk to you soon! 🙂



Founder of My Archery Corner
email. moritz@myarcherycorner.com

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Red Rabbit

I had never given a thought to trying archery before, but wandering into your site and reading more & more about it has got me intrigued!

I understand what you mean by the stress and the ‘haunted’ness…it’s a hard feeling to shake without a good hobby to channel our energies into. I wonder, will you be writing about archery for beginners? Be sure to invite me back if/when you do 🙂 – I look forward to reading more, cheers!



    Hello Red Rabbit,
    thank you for your kind words. Having something to escape the stress is a very important thing in a world where time is money!
    Archery does that for me and for many other people, too.

    I will cover both beginner and advanced topics about archery in my articles. So be sure to come back.
    In a few weeks I will have more exciting news especially for beginners.
    If you have any questions, just let me know. 🙂


Sue Tay

Hi Moritz, I enjoyed reading your articles. I think archery is a good sport as it trains you to keep focused on your targets. Best wishes to you!


    Hi Sue,
    thank you for stopping by. I am happy you are enjoying my site.
    Be sure to come back. 🙂
    If you consider starting with archery, you can have a look at my how to get started with archery guide.


I enjoyed your site. Good luck!


    Thank you very much. 🙂
    If you want to learn how to get started check out my getting started guide and have a look at the recurve bow I recommend for beginners.

Cheryl K

This is an excellent site, Moritz…it’s informative and interesting to read. I’m not an archer but if I ever decide to learn, I’ll certainly look for your advice and guidance.


    Hi Cheryl.
    Thank you for your kind words.
    I hope you give archery a try one day. It is a fantastic sport.
    Have a look at my archery training to get started with archery!
    I have a review of a great recurve bow for beginners and for a compound bow as well.


Tony Hargreaves

This is one of the most comprehensive websites that I have visited (and not Just on the sport of Archery).
Moritz you have done a great job for promoting this sport. As a member of ABA (Australian Bowhunter Association) for in excess of ten years – I congratulate you
My Son, Wife and myself visited the range each fortnight and competed in Tournaments within the State of NSW.
You have covered all the important points in a very interesting and informative manner, and I downloaded you ebook to see how well it was laid out.
I found it an extremely good introduction to the sport and would rate it with four stars.
Keep up the good work – I have bookmarked for future reference.
Regards, Tony Hargreaves


    Thank you Tony for your kind and encouraging words.
    I always try to share my experience, knowledge and fun with my visitors and readers and give the best tips and information about archery that I can.
    Archery is my favorite free time activity and when I can make a few new archers now and then, I am a happy man.

    It is great to hear that you read and enjoyed my book, too.
    I only published it a few days ago and I am always happy to hear what people think about my book.

    Have a great day.
    I hope to see you around in the future.


Hi Moritz,
I agree with Tony 100 %. You have done a wonderful job and enlighten many that has visited your site . I am impressed that you took the time to complete explain each step and the pro of archery. It is a sport that requires your total attention and devotion ,

I am sure that you know that’s why you get so much relaxation and peace within yourself when you are involved with the archery. Well, I know I do , and assume that’s is why I am at peace then , I am happy when I’m enjoying my hobby as I am sure you are as well . There is a peace that I haven’t found anywhere else but my BIBLE..

I got off the subject some there, but you have mastered a superb job with the complete site . I will be downloading the book as well .

Good luck and I will be back . Take care .


    Hello Brenda.
    Thank you very much for your very kind work.
    I absolutely agree with you.
    The fun and relaxation archery can give to people is fantastic.
    All the best.


Hi Moritz,
I didn’t know that much about archery before I visited your website. Now I have learned something.

For example about target panic. Is there something similar in life? Maybe fear of success? Don’t know. We have to ask an expert in psychology. 😉

What do you mean? What could help with this target panic?
I realised that there is something special in archery.
It’s not only about shooting the arrow on the target.
It can be a philosophy.



    Hi Dirk,

    target panic can be really big problem for archers.
    Those who suffer from it will either release their arrow too early, or not at all.
    That way they won’t be able to be successful with archery anymore.
    It can happen to anyone, even if they were great archers before.

    There are several ways to fix this problem, which I explain in my book The Bullseye Masterpiece.
    If you are interested in this topic, I highly recommend to take a look here.
    At the moment the book is only available as an ebook, but I am planning to bring out the printed version in a few weeks, too.


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