Best Fiberglass Arrows For Target Practice Or Hunting

Best Fiberglass Arrows For Target Practice Or Hunting

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We have had a look at several different arrows.
Now is the time to focus on the best fiberglass arrows for target practice or hunting.

What Are The Different Materials Used For Arrows

Most arrows are made of one of the following materials (alphabetical order):

They all have their advantages and disadvantages and some are better than others.
Click on the links above to learn more about them and read my recommendations.

Now let’s take a closer look at fiberglass arrows!

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What Is A Fiberglass Arrow?

Fiberglass is a material that is used widely in archery.
Most modern bows of all types (longbow, recurve bow, and compound bow) use fiberglass to strengthen the limbs of the bow.
This is exactly what makes fiberglass so perfect for archery:
It is durable and can withstand a lot of pressure.

Fiberglass arrows are also the heaviest arrows you can get, which can be both good and not-so-good.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of fiberglass arrows.

Pros Of Fiberglass Arrows ISPORT 32" Archery Fiberglass Arrows Glass Fiber Shaft 2 Blue 1 White Vanes Fletched for Compound Bow and Recurve Bow 12pcs

First a quick overview:

  • Straight
  • Durable
  • Heavy
  • Cheap


A straight arrow can be shot with a much higher accuracy than arrows that are not so straight.
Fiberglass arrows are super straight, so that is a big plus.


Having durable arrows is very important for any archer.
As long as you don’t try to break it on purpose, a fiberglass arrow that fits the bow will hardly ever break.
It will also not bend like aluminum arrows.
That makes fiberglass arrows perfect for beginners.
Beginners might pull out an arrow out of the target in a wrong way and if it happens to be an aluminum arrow, it will bend under the used force.
This will just not happen with a fiberglass arrow. Wiggle it out of a target as much as you want, it will still be straight. (Of course, it is still better to pull out the arrow straight.)

If you are looking for strong arrows that will not break, fiberglass arrows are the perfect choice!


Heavy arrows are especially good when you are shooting with stronger bows.
The heavier the arrow, the more energy it can store. This gives them a stronger punch, but the weight also slows them down a bit.

Heavy arrows also don’t get affected that much by windy conditions. So if you are shooting outside, fiberglass arrows can help you immensely to hit the target on a windy day.
No arrow can withstand a hurricane, of course. 😉

On shorter distances, the high weight makes them great for hunting, because the weight increases the penetration as long as it hasn’t lost too much of the initial speed.


A great plus!
Fiberglass arrows are as cheap as wooden arrows. Often even cheaper!
But they are much more durable than wooden arrows.
If you are not interested in traditional archery, are just beginning, and want to save some money, I would get some fiberglass arrows!

Cons Of Fiberglass Arrows

There are some downsides, however:

  • Relatively low
  • Lower accuracy than carbon arrows

ISPORT 32" Archery Fiberglass Arrows Glass Fiber Shaft 2 Blue 1 White Vanes Fletched for Compound Bow and Recurve Bow 12pcs


The high weight makes the arrow a bit slower. This can be especially bad when you want to hunt on higher distances.
For that, you need a faster arrow.
That is why so many hunters use fiberglass arrows mostly for bowfishing.

Lower Accuracy

This is compared to carbon arrows.
Fiberglass arrows are still great for target practice and shorter distances.
Compared to wood, fiberglass arrows do take the lead.

Would I Use Them?

I would and I have used fiberglass arrows a lot.
When I started with archery, I started with fiberglass arrow.
The archery range where I learned archery always gave fiberglass arrows to their beginners because they wouldn’t break that easily.
I shot them for quite some time.

Only later, when I got my first traditional longbow, did I switch to wooden arrows.
With my recurve bow I am shooting carbon arrows now.

But when you are on a tighter budget or are just getting started, fiberglass arrows are the arrows you should choose!

They won’t break or bend easily and are very affordable.
You won’t regret getting fiberglass arrows.

Here are my favorite fiberglass arrows:

Blue 32″ Fiberglass Arrows

ISPORT 32" Archery Fiberglass Arrows Glass Fiber Shaft 2 Blue 1 White Vanes Fletched for Compound Bow and Recurve Bow 12pcs

Perfect arrows for target practice!
These fiberglass arrows are fast and accurate.
Their target tips can be replaced with other tips easily. Just screw them off and the other tip on.

You can use them for hunting too when you equip them with broadheads.
Don’t use them with a bow stronger than 55 LBS, though. They are not constructed for stronger bows.

The only small downside is the plastic nock, but the set I bought is holding up great! Better than I had expected.

You won’t get that quality any cheaper.
So if you are looking for a set of great practice arrows, you have just found them.

Do You Like Fiberglass Arrows?

Moritz ImageI think they are great for beginners but for advanced archers, too.
They are super cheap and durable.

I still favor carbon arrows, but when you are running low on arrows and don’t have the money available at that time, fiberglass arrows are just perfect.

How do you feel about fiberglass arrows?
Do you think they are good for target practice or hunting?

Leave me a comment below and let’s discuss.

Happy shooting!

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