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Where To Buy The Best Easton Arrows?

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Have you decided to treat archery more seriously and take it to the next level?

Then you need professional arrows!

“How can I find the best arrows?” you might ask.

Don’t worry, I have got you covered.
In the following article, I will show you the best Easton arrows and where to buy them.

Moritz Image
Hi, I am Moritz and I am a huge archery enthusiast.
I started shooting over 10 years ago and just can’t get enough. Like most other archers, I started with very basic equipment.
I just didn’t want to spend too much money in the beginning.

However, I realized after a few weeks that my arrows weren’t performing as well as they should.
Some were bent (which was partly my fault, of course) and others had become completely unusable.

It was time to get some professional arrows and that’s where my love story with Easton arrows began.

Where To Buy The Best Easton Arrows?

Getting the best arrows is important for your success in archery.
But you also want to get them for the best price, right?

Before I get into more detail, let me list my recommended arrows first:

Easton Gamegetter Aluminum Arrows

A real legend! Do you want the best arrows for hunting? Then those are the ones you have to get!
Check the best price here.

Easton Genesis Aluminum Arrows

The only arrow approved by the NASP Tournament Competition. If you want to compete, you need these arrows!
Find the current price here.

Easton Bloodline Carbon Arrows

Need for speed? These arrows give you what you want.
Best price here.


All the arrows on this page are great!
If you just need an awesome arrow and you don’t care too much about the specifics, get one of the aluminum arrows from above.

The Bloodline Carbon Arrows have a broadhead, which you should not use for target practice.

In the following, I will go over all the details:

The Easton Gamegetter Arrows: Perfect for hunting


Easton Game Getter XX75 Factory 4-Inch Vanes (6-Pack), Multi, 400



The manufacturer claims that there are no other arrows that have taken down more animals than the Gamegetter arrows from Easton.

They are a true legend and are the must-have arrows if you plan to go hunting.

The following is included:

  • Uni-bushings
  • Inserts
  • Nocks (installed)

Please note that there are no points (arrowheads) included!
Those have to be bought separately.

Gamegetter arrows are famous for their straightness!

With a straightness tolerance of ±0.003″, you won’t get another arrow that is straighter than that one.
And as a hunter, you know how important it is to have an arrow that is straight!

You want the highest possible accuracy and the Gamegetter arrows from Easton are known to deliver on their promise!

Get the right arrow size!

Having the best arrow doesn’t help if it is of the wrong size.
You can choose between these sizes:

  • 300
  • 340
  • 400
  • 500

Cut the Gamegetter arrow to your desired length

Easton Gamegetter Arrows

Besides size, the correct arrow length is vital, too!
All Gamegetter arrows come uncut(!) and are 31″ long.

You will have to cut them down yourself (or ask someone who can do it for you) and then install the inserts.

Remember, the nocks are already preinstalled.

Why I love Gamegetter arrows

The Easton Gamegetter arrows are extremely straight, accurate, and durable.

Yes, they cost a bit more than many other arrows, but they are worth every cent (check price here).

Try them once and you never want to shoot with another arrow.
Before I tried them, I thought that arrows don’t make such a big difference.


A professional arrow can make a huge difference.
It is fine to start with cheap arrows. But once you reach a certain level, you really need arrows like the Easton Gamegetter!

The Easton Genesis Aluminum Arrows: The Tournament Arrows


Easton Genesis V2 Arrows Black 1820 6 pk.



According to the manufacturer, these arrows are the only arrows that are approved by the NASP Tournament Competition.

So, if you have a young archer at home who wants to compete in one of those tournaments, you need to invest in the Genesis arrows.
It is highly recommended to practice with the arrows you are going to use in such tournaments.

Arrows have a huge impact on how successful you will be!

Included when buying the arrows are:

  • N Nocks
  • Uni-Bushings
  • One-Piece Points

The arrow is 30″ long and all its components are pre-installed.
This arrow is ready to shoot right out of the box.

Don’t worry, though, if a part of it gets damaged.
All components can be bought separately, too!

According to the manufacturer, the Genesis arrows come with an N Nock.
If you follow the link above to get the best price, you will see that they say it is a G Nock instead.
Don’t let this confuse you.
Both are fine!

I’d rather believe what the manufacturer says.

THE arrow to compete in NSAP tournaments

As mentioned above, you (or your kid) will shoot with the Genesis arrows if he competes in an NSAP tournament.

It makes absolute sense to practice with the same arrows!
Others will do that, too.

Believe it or not, knowing the arrows can make the difference between winning and losing!

Start winning now and get the arrows I recommend to all young archers.

Specifications of the Genesis arrows


To make them tournament arrows, every arrow has to have the same specifications.
There can’t be a difference between the arrows that is too big.

See the specifications here:

  • 7075 Aerospace alloy finish
  • Hard-anodized finish
  • Guaranteed straightness: ± .005
  • Weight tolerance: ± 2.5%
  • Strength (PSI): 90,000

All Genesis arrows have to pass those requirements before they can be sold.
This is to make sure nobody has an advantage over others because of the arrows.

I love Genesis Arrows from Easton!

If you have a child who loves archery or wants to get started with archery, those are the arrows you have to get.

They are straight, reliable, and accurate.

For all these attributes they are also very affordable (check the latest price here).

It is also great that you can get all the components of the arrow separately.
That saves you money when single parts of the arrow get damaged.
No need to buy new arrows then (as long as the damage isn’t too high).

The Easton Bloodline Carbon Arrows: Quick As The Flash!

Easton Bloodline 400 Carbon Arrow Shaft Pack of 12


I love calling the Bloodline arrows “The Flash” because they are super fast.

If speed is what you want the most, then you only have one choice:

Get yourself a pack of Bloodline arrows.

Included when buying Bloodline arrows from Easton:

  • H Nocks
  • HP Inserts
  • Broadheads

The Bloodline Carbon Arrows are your perfect hunting arrows!

They are extremely fast and have a high penetration.
That is the combination you need for successful hunting!

With a straightness of ±0.003″, you will have a hard time finding arrows that are straighter than the Bloodline arrows.

Thanks to the used carbon fiber they are extremely durable and fast.

I love my Bloodline Arrows for hunting!


I am not always hunting, but if I do I always bring some Bloodline arrows.

Shooting them is very rewarding.
I had arrows go through an animal completely and hit a rock after.
The arrow shrugged it off as if nothing had happened.
Picked it up and shot it again.
No bent or other damage to the arrow!

I am sure you will love the fantastic Bloodline arrows just as much as I do!

Choosing The Right Arrow For Yourself

It all comes down to your personal preferences.
I know that quality and price are important factors to make a final decision.

Just know that all the arrows here are fantastic.

Moritz ImageFor hunting, I started with the Gamegetter arrows and I absolutely loved it!
Later, I tried the Bloodline arrows and they were awesome, too. (I am using both now…)

If you just want to practice at home or an archery range, the Genesis arrows are your go-to arrows!
If you have a kid who wants to join NASP tournaments, the Genesis arrows are a must-have!

What are your favorite arrows?

Now that you know where to buy the best Easton arrows, I hope you will get yourself a pack of those fantastic arrows and start shooting.

I know you will love them!

Happy shooting and hunting!

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that’s a great review about where to buy the best Easton arrows.
I was just looking at some arrows when I stumbled across your article.

I think I will start with a set of Gamegetter arrows and see how I like them.

Thanks for your great information.



    Hello Michael,

    I am sure that you will have a great time with your new Gamegetter arrows.
    They are awesome.
    No matter if you will use them for hunting or target practice.

    Great choice!

    Have fun and happy shooting!


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