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My SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow Review

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If you are looking for a traditional bow, the SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow is the perfect bow for you.
It comes without any “technical enhancements” so you can bring out your inner Robin Hood with it.

Let’s take a look at the quick facts firstsas pioneer traditional wood longbow

Name: SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow
Bow Type: Longbow
Draw Weights: 35 LBS – 55 LBS
Max Draw Length: 30″
Bow Length: 68″
Availability: Right Hand & Left Hand
Materials: Wood And Fiberglass
Arrow Shelf: Yes
Best Place To Buy:


Why Is Shooting With A Longbow So Special?

While I have shot with recurve bows and compound bows, too, the longbow is still my favorite bow type! It just has that something that brings me closer to the origins of archery. The bow is both simple and complex at the same time.
It is just you and a piece of wood with a string that makes the arrow fly and hit the target. Every time I come home after shooting with my longbow, I feel at peace and centered. There is also a sense of achievement and joy.

Of course, you can get similar feelings from other types of bows, but for me and many other traditional archers, the longbow just holds the biggest fascination and satisfaction

One problem of many longbow fans is to find a good bow that is affordable.
Let’s now take a closer look at why the SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow should be your first choice:

The Bow Quality Is Remarkable

The riser is made of Makore Wood and Cassia Siamea. It doesn’t only look great, it is also very durable and stable. The grip fits all different hand sizes and is wrapped with smooth leather which protects both your hand and the bow.

SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow Riser

The limbs are made of Maple and fiberglass. Modern longbows always use fiberglass laminations to enforce the limbs which makes them stronger and more durable. I think that this is a fair compromise between traditional and modern technology.
You still shoot instinctively but your bow will last much longer thanks to the fiberglass.

The bow is crafted to the highest standards and I can assure you, that you won’t find the same quality in a cheaper bow.

When shooting the bow, you will experience a little hand shock, but that is normal for a longbow. It is only a very small hand shock, compared to other longbows I tried before.
The SAS Pioneer Longbow has a nice, smooth draw and release. Its accuracy is also fantastic, even at higher distances

SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow Arrow Shelf

To make shooting more comfortable, it has a centered arrow shelf (with fur padding) and the string already has a nocking point.
All you need when getting this master-crafted longbow are some arrows and you are ready to shoot!

What You Need To Know When Buying The SAS Pioneer Longbow

The Draw Weight

There are many draw weight options available, ranging from 29 LBS to 65 LBS.
You mustn’t get a bow that is too heavy for you. Unlike with a takedown recurve bow or a compound bow, you won’t be able to change the draw weight! If you are a complete beginner, the 29 LBS or the 35 LBS longbow is the right one for you! The only exception is if you already have a very strong build or experience in archery, of course.

You Can Hunt With It

Of course, you can hunt with it but please make sure that your aim is already good enough that you can kill animals quickly.
Get at least the 45 LBS bow for hunting and some broadhead arrows and you are ready to go.

Get Some Arm Protection

This is, again, most important if you are a beginner. But even if you have experience with recurve or compound bows, longbows act differently!
I highly recommend getting an armguard to save yourself a lot of pain! When shooting with longbows the bowstring will pass very closely by your arm and mostly will connect with your lower arm or wrist.
You might not feel anything at first because it happens too fast! But you will feel stinging pain a short while later and when you examine your arm, you will find some nasty bruises!

traditional arm guard

Be smart and get an armguard.

This Longbow Is Available For Right Hand And Left Hand!

A while ago, this bow was only available for right-handed archers. Back then, this was the only negative I could find about the Pioneer longbow.
It was a welcome surprise when I heard that they started offering this fantastic bow for left-handed archers.

If you are new to archery, make sure to check whether you need a left-handed or a right-handed bow. In archery, this depends on which of your eyes is the dominant one.
You can read more about this in my free archery training.

Protect Yourself And Others

Don’t forget that a bow is a weapon that can inflict serious pain and cause death. You need to handle it responsibly and with respect.
Never aim it at people and only shoot when nobody stands between you and your target.

Also, never “dry-fire” it! That means, only release the bow string, when it is loaded with an arrow.
If you shoot your bow without an arrow, all the stored energy rushes into the bow itself and it might break or even explode. This can cause serious injuries to your arms and eyes.
So, only let the bowstring go when you have loaded an arrow!

traditional archery bows

Shooting a longbow. Used under creative commons from: Hans Splinter

My Final Words And Rating Of The SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow

Moritz ImageI have hardly seen a longbow that is so much fun to shoot with as this one!
Its phenomenal price is another big plus you have to take into consideration! The quality is top notch and, when treated right, it will be your companion for many years to come.


If you need a number, this bow is a 10 out of 10!
You just can’t go wrong with this bow, so go and grab yours and have fun!

Bring Your Inner Robin Hood To Life

How do you feel about this SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow? Do you already own it, or are you planning to get one?
Let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to answer any questions or discuss why I believe that this bow is outstandingly good!

Have a great day and happy hunting!

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