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Archery Target Guide – Differences Between Archery Targets

rinhart woodland buck target

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When you want to shoot with bow and arrow at home, you need some kind of archery target.
Archery targets come in different forms and sizes and I want to show you some of the most common types of archery targets:

Moritz Image

Hi, I am Moritz and I know how important it is to have a great archery target at your own shooting range.
There are many options you can go for and I am going to show you the best of the best.

Know, that you don’t really have to buy a target.
If you want you can build your own archery range from scratch.
Not only will that save you some money, it will also give you the sense of great achievement!
Let’s dive right in:

Selfmade Archery Targets

It is rather easy to make a target by yourself.
There are two things you have to be aware of:

  1. It has to be strong enough to stop the arrow; the arrow is not allowed to just pierce through the target and fly on!
  2. The target should not be too hard, or it might damage or even break the arrow.

When you keep those factors in mind, you will be able to craft yourself a target that is cheap and will serve you well.

Be aware that you need something behind the target, that can stop an arrow that either misses or pierces through the target (which shouldn’t happen, if you make it right).

For that, have a look at my article about backstop netting.

The following video shows one of the easiest ways to make your own target for your backyard:

Instead of a wooden box, you can get a big industrial back and stuff it with clothes and rags. Make sure you stuff it really tight.
The advantage of a bag is, that you can even hang it in a tree if you want to shoot in a forest.

If you are using a self-made archery target, don’t shoot with broadheads! They will just rip your target apart to quickly!

Types Of Archery Targets You Can Buy

Let’s talk about different types of targets you can get out there on the market.
You have to choose wisely, especially if you want to use broadhead arrows.

Open-layer and Cube Targets

blackhole archery target

Blackhole Archery Target

One of my favorite target types is in the form of a cube.
They usually have different target circles on each side, which gives you some variety when you practice shooting.

An example for a cube target is the Blackhole Archery Target.
It can stop both target arrowheads and broadheads and it is very easy to remove your arrows from the target.
Don’t use this target if you are shooting a bow with 50+ LBS. It might not be able to stop your arrow if you are shooting at a close distance!

Remember to always use a backstop netting, in case your arrow goes through the target. You don’t want to hurt other people or break your arrows.

rinehart 18 archery target

Rinehart 18 Target

Self-Healing Foam Targets

To get a more durable archery target, that can really stop any arrow, no matter how strong your bow is, you want to have a look at the Rinehart 18.

This beauty features 18 sides that can be used as your target and it uses “self-healing” foam.
You can use any arrowhead type on this target and it will hold for more than a year.

If you are shooting a bow with over 50 LBS, or just want to be sure that your target will really be able to stop all your arrows for a long time, you should get the Rinehart 18!
You will absolutely love it and never look back.

3D Targets for a realistic hunting experience

The last type of archery targets I want to discuss are the 3D targets.

3D targets look like animals to simulate a hunting experience. The great thing about those targets is, that they even teach you where you have to hit to get a lethal shot.

rinhart woodland buck target

Rinehart Woodland Buck Target

If you have never been hunting, I want highly recommend to get one of these 3D targets to practice before you try to shoot a deer or other animal.

When buying this type of archery target, you have to look out for targets that have a replacement core. This core is the place where the vital organs of the animal would be and where you should place your arrows.
After many hits this part can be replaced by a new core and you don’t have to buy a whole new target.

The Rinehart Woodland Buck Target is one of the best 3D targets I have tried.

It will stop arrows from any bow or crossbow as long as the arrow speed is not higher than 350 FPS (feet per second)!

You can not use this target for guns!

Build Your Own Archery Range

Now that you know about the different archery types, you still need to create the right environment for them.
If you want to shoot at home or any private property, you have to make sure that everyone is kept safe.

Here’s an awesome article about how you can build your very own outdoor archery range.

Combine that with one of the targets from my article and you are good to go.

Choose Your Archery Target

Moritz ImageIt is up to you now to choose the target that fits best for your needs.

The targets I talked about here are all great, depending on what you want to do.

The cheaper options would be to make one yourself or get the Blackhole Archery Target.

If you want higher quality and plan to shoot many arrows a week, you should get either the Rinehart 18 or the Rinehart Woodland Buck Target. Both will serve you well and for a long time!

If there are any questions left, or you want to share with me your favorite archery target, please don’t hesitate and leave a comment below.

I will be happy to answer all comments within a short time!

Have a great day and fun with your bow!



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Hi Moritz,

I liked how you provided a number of options for archery targets.
I think that I would prefer to use one of the realistic 3-d targets. I want to get into bow hunting and feel that this would offer me the best target to practice with and in time, improve my hunting skills.



    Hello Eric,

    I am happy you found my review about archery targets helpful.
    I absolutely agree with you. If you want to go bow hunting, the 3-d targets are the right choice for you.
    Let me know how it goes and happy hunting!


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