3D Archery Targets – Hunting Without Killing

3D Archery Targets – Hunting Without Killing

A 3D target standing in high grass.

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For everybody who wants to come as close as possible to hunting but without killing, 3D archery targets are the way to go.
In the past I have talked about different types of archery targets, but this time I want to focus on 3D targets in more detail:

What Is A 3D Archery Target?

This type of target is very special because it resembles animals, bow hunters would hunt in a real hunting scenario, very realistically.
Sometimes they are smaller than their real counterpart, but you can get them in real-life size, too.

They are not just pictures of animals, but more like sculptures that can be shot at from all angles.

3d target badger

3D target in the form of a badger. Used under creative commons from: Byp

The main reason why archers use 3D targets is, that they can practice where they need to hit an animal to kill it quickly without causing too much suffering.
This is very important because an arrow that only hurts an animal but is not lethal can cause pain for a long time (and probably a slow death) if it can’t be found by the hunters.

Others use 3D targets to give their archery practice some variety when they are getting bored of shooting at traditional targets all the time.

There often are special competitions where archers are sent on a 3D course where hunting is simulated.
They don’t know the exact distance to the targets then, which makes it more challenging and exciting to shoot at the targets.

This kind of archery is also called “field archery” and shooting at 3D targets is a vital part of this form of archery.

What Types Of 3D Targets Are There?

Actually, there are targets for almost any animal that you can hunt.
The most common are deer, boars, and bears, though.

You might have to search a bit longer if you want to have more exotic animals.

Most Important Things When Buying A 3D Target

If you want to buy a 3D target, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • overall material quality
  • exchangeable vital parts
  • easy to set up (and steadfast)

Overall Material Quality

You want to spend a bit more money on a good target of high quality.
Otherwise, your arrows will tear it apart quickly and you would have to buy a new one in no time.
It is also recommended to use target tips instead of broadhead arrows, to make the target last longer.

3d target deer

3D target deer “hiding” behind some trees. Used under creative commons from: Byp

Exchangeable Vital Parts

This is the most important factor, in my opinion, which separates the good from the bad targets.

Good 3D targets have vital parts that can be taken out and replaced with new ones.
The vital parts are the areas where a real animal would have its heart and lungs.
We always try to hit this area so when you are a good shot, it will get more hits than the other areas of your target.

Needless to say, your arrows will wear down the vital parts quicker than other parts, so it is a great thing when you can just replace them, instead of having to buy a whole new target!

Easy To Set Up (and steadfast)

Nothing is more annoying than a target that is not steadfast and will fall over all the time!

3D targets usually don’t stand by themselves, so you will need to buy a target stand for them.
Make sure that it fits your target and is big (stable) enough to withstand the force your arrows hit the target with.

You usually can just screw the target to the target stand which is easy enough to do.
Some target stands feature small wheels which make it much easier to move your target to another place.

field archery

Traditional field archer shooting a longbow. Used under creative commons from: LauraHale

I Love 3D Targets!

Where I come from, hunting with bows is not allowed, so 3D targets are the only way to simulate a hunting experience.
I also am not sure if I really could shoot at an animal.

Profile-ImageI don’t have a problem with hunting, but since I never had the chance to try it, I can’t say how I would feel when I would actually do it.

So whether you don’t like to shoot at living animals or it is not allowed in your country, 3D archery targets are the perfect solution for you.

I now have reviewed some 3D archery targets. What do you think about them?

Have you tried shooting at 3D targets?
Do you like it, or do you prefer shooting at real animals?
Let me know how you feel about it in the comments below.

Have a great day!

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