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The Amazing Field Logic Youth Block Genz Open Target

Arrows stuck in a target.

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If you or your child are new to archery and need an amazing target, the Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target is the perfect choice for you.
You can use it with bows with a maximum draw weight of 40 LBS.

Read on to learn what makes this target so great:

A Quick OverviewField Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target Multi-Color, 16 Inch

Name: Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target
Target Type: Open Layered Target
Dimensions: 16″ x 17″ x 7.5″
Weight: 5 lb
Maximum Draw Weight: 40 LBS
Arrow Tips: All Tips Can Be Used
Specialty: Easy Arrow Removal
Best Place To Buy:


What Makes A Good Archery Target?

Whether you are shooting with a Genesis Bow or another bow, archers are worried about how long their target will last.
Many cheap targets can’t be used anymore after a few hundred arrows, especially when broadheads are being used.

In this case, the target will hold up for many hundred arrows, as long as your draw weight is not higher than 40 LBS.
Broadheads will reduce the life of your target a bit more of course. But you will still get a lot of arrows in the target before it can’t take anymore.”
Personally, I wouldn’t use broadheads for target practice anyway. You will just dull their blades which won’t be good if you are planning on going hunting.
If you need to practice with broadheads, take one or two of them aside, and don’t use them for hunting anymore.

Other important factors of archery targets are the weight of the targets and how good they can stop arrows and how easy it is to remove the arrows.

The Field Logic Youth target handles all these factors great.
When shooting a bow within the recommended draw weight, arrows will not go through the whole target.
Most of the time they get stopped after only a few inches.
I have never used a target which made it easier to remove arrows. You don’t need an arrow puller or a lot of force to pull out the arrows.
I will explain below how the GenZ target makes that possible.

All in all, this is a great target for youth archers or everyone shooting a lighter bow.

Advantages Of An Open Layered Target

Using the open layer technique, this target can stop arrows easily.
It also makes it easy to remove them.

The target has many foam layers that are pressed together tightly.
An arrow will move between those layers and the friction between the arrow and the layers will slow it down and stop quickly.
This means that the arrow does not pierce through a material and gets stuck.
Because of that, it is so easy to pull the arrow out again.

Weak bows might not be able to penetrate a stronger target.
The Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target does not have this problem.
You and your kids will have a lot of fun with it because even slow-flying arrows from a weak bow will pass through between two layers and stay in the target.
They usually won’t just bounce off the target.

Those layers can handle broadhead arrows pretty well, too.
They can reduce the life of the target a bit, but the target does a much better job with its many layers than other types of targets do.

Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target Multi-Color, 16 Inch

How To Use The Target Correctly

You can shoot at the target from the front and from behind.
Please note that it only has target circles on the front side.
You can easily print out or buy other types of targets and stick them to the front or the back of the target block.

Please don’t shoot at the side, top, or bottom of the target!
The white wrap that goes around the target holds it together.
If you were to cut it or hit it too often with an arrow, it might snap and all the layers would come loose.

So only shoot at it from the front or the back in a 90-degree angle.
Do it like this and it will hold for many hundreds of arrows.
You won’t even see much damage to the target after a few hundred arrows, using target or practice tips.

You can place the target just on the ground or hang it somewhere with the handle.

If the target is standing on the ground and you hit it in the upper area, it might tip over.
Besides that, it does an outstanding job.

Conclusion: The Field Logic Target Is Awesome

Moritz ImageThis is the best archery youth target for that price. Hands down.
When treated right, it will last very long, and using it is so easy.

The white circles offer additional motivation for young archers.
First, there is the big circle, which is pretty easy to hit
Later, when the skill increases, the smaller circles add some extra challenge.

What Is Your Favorite Archery Target?

Which target are you using in your backyard? Or are you even using the Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target already?
Let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to discuss with you all the different targets.

Happy shooting!

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