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The Genesis Original Kit – The Compound Bow For The Whole Family

A bow shooting with a compound bow.

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Today I am showing you THE bow you MUST get if you have a child or young teenager who is interested in archery. It is not only great for young beginners, though! The Genesis Original Kit is the perfect compound bow for the whole family.

Before we get deeper into the details, have a look at the quick facts about the Genesis Original Kit:

Summary Of The Genesis Original Kit

Name: Genesis Original Kit Genesis Archery Lightweight Right Handed Compound Bow and Arrow Set with Adjustable Aluminum Riser and Cam for Kids and Adults, Red
Bow Type: Compound Bow
Draw Weight: 10 – 20 LBS
Draw Length: 15″ – 30″
Bow Length: 35 1/2″
Let-Off: 0%
Brace Height: 7 5/8″
Available For: Right Hand and Left Hand
Materials used: Aluminum riser and composite limbs
Colors: Black, Blue, Camo, Carbon, Green, Orange, Pink, Pink Camo, Purple, Red, White Camo, Yellow
Kit Includes: Compound Bow, Belt Tube Quiver, Arm Guard, 5 Aluminum Arrows, Hex Wrench, Owner’s Manual
Made In The USA
Best Place To Buy:

The Genesis Compound Bow is used and recommended by the “National Archery in the Schools Program”. That alone tells a lot already!
It is proof that this bow is perfect for young archers, who seriously want to learn archery.
Many bows are not very beginner friendly and it is very easy to evolve bad habits. And once you have those bad habits, it is so difficult to get rid of them.

So, the best thing you can do is to learn archery properly right from the start.

Continue reading to find out why the Genesis Compound Bow is your best choice:

A Closer Look At The Genesis Compound Bow

The Genesis Compound Bow comes with a draw weight of 10-20 LBS. While many will think that this is very low, it is perfect for young archers, who are just getting started.
As a beginner, you should never use a bow that is too difficult to draw. Like I said above, using an ill-fitting bow can lead to developing bad habits, or, in the worst case, even cause injuries.
Needless to say, both will ruin the fun and interest in archery quickly.

Archery is a sport where the right technique is crucial for becoming successful. The attributes of this compound bow make it much easier to focus on those techniques.

Let’s take a look at a video about the Genesis Compound Bow first:

What You Need To Know About The Genesis Compound Bow

I gave you a quick summary of the Genesis Original Kit above and will go into more detail now:

Bow Type: Compound Bow

Compound bows are modern bows that usually use cams to make it easier to draw a bow with a high draw weight. They work very similar to pulleys.
While the Genesis compound bow does have pulleys, it works differently. It has 0 let-off (I explain below), which makes it so great for beginners.

When beginners trust the let-off of their bows too much, they can form really bad habits, like that guy here in the video:

As you can see, the bow is way too hard to draw for him. He bends his back in a very unhealthy way. Only thanks to the high let-off is he able to draw the bow completely. This makes him think, that the bow is not too strong for him.
In fact, he should use a bow with a much lower draw weight and really learn how to use a bow correctly first!
If he had a trainer and the Genesis bow, he would be in a much better situation to properly learn archery.

What Is “Let-Off: 0%”?

Let-off is the percentage of how much the actual draw weight gets reduced when a compound bow is fully drawn. That means, that when you start drawing a compound bow, you have to pull back the full draw weight at the beginning.

But then, the cams kick in and the more you pull the string back, the easier it gets. Many compound bows have a let-off of 75%. So when the compound bow has a draw weight of 50 LBS, you only have to hold 12.5 LBS when you are in full draw! But when you release the arrow, the bow still has the energy of a 50 LBS bow stored and will transfer this energy to the arrow.
That makes compound bows so powerful and popular.
Thanks to the reduced draw weight in full draw, compound bow archers can aim much longer than longbow or recurve bow archers. Their hands and arms don’t tire as quickly.

Don’t let this fool you, though!
Compound bows with a high let-off are great for experienced archers.
Beginners fare much better with a bow that has 0 let-off. They have to learn the right technique first!

That’s what makes the Genesis Compound Bow the real champion amongst the compound bows for starters!

Genesis Archery Lightweight Right Handed Compound Bow and Arrow Set with Adjustable Aluminum Riser and Cam for Kids and Adults, Red

Draw Weight, Draw Length, and Brace Height

The draw weight of 10-20 LBS seems low, but you know by now, why that is a good thing for beginners and young archers.
The most important thing when starting with archery is to get the form and technique right before you start using a stronger bow.

The draw length of this compound bow adjusts itself, so you don’t need to worry about it. It supports all standard lengths from 15-30″. No matter how long your, or your kid’s arms are, the bow will fit.

You just have to make sure that the arrows are long enough! When in full draw, the tip of the arrow still has to be at least a few inches before the arrow rest.
Make sure, that the arrow can’t be pulled back that much, that it falls off the rest.
If the arrow is too short, it can fall off the rest and cut into the archer’s hand!
So, the draw length of this bow is not a problem at all. Just make sure, that the arrows are long enough!

The Genesis Compound Bow has a brace height of 7 5/8″.
What does that even mean?

Brace height is the distance between the string and the deepest part of the bow grip. The shorter this distance, the faster the arrow will fly.
But this short distance makes it harder to control the bow. Mistakes of the archer have bigger consequences then.

What you need to know now is, that the brace height of this bow is specially configured for beginners. It is the best compromise between speed and control.
Again, this compound bow was designed with beginners in mind, and the brace height is not an exception.

Available For Left and Right Hand

Too many bows are still only available for right-handed shooters.
I am always happy when I find bows that offer left-handed versions, too. The Genesis Compound Bow is available in both versions!
Yet another reason, why I highly recommend getting one for your aspiring archer!

Genesis Archery Lightweight Right Handed Compound Bow and Arrow Set with Adjustable Aluminum Riser and Cam for Kids and Adults, Red

The Genesis Original Kit Comes With All The Equipment You Need

Starting with archery can be a pricey thing.
Getting a high-quality bow is expensive enough and it doesn’t help that you will need quite a bit of additional equipment to get started.

I have good news for you.
The creators of the Genesis Original Kit have you covered:

Along with the bow, you will get a belt quiver, an adjustable arm guard, 5 aluminum arrows, a hex wrench, and the owner’s manual.
Many bows come with a quiver and an arm guard, but arrows are rarely included, too.

The belt quiver will keep the 5 aluminum arrows close at hand and with the hex wrench and owner’s manual, you can easily adjust the draw weight of the compound bow.

If you are planning to shoot at home in the backyard, all you need is a target now.
Those can easily be made by yourself or bought for a fair price.

Genesis Archery Lightweight Right Handed Compound Bow and Arrow Set with Adjustable Aluminum Riser and Cam for Kids and Adults, Red

Final Words And Rating Of The Genesis Original Kit

The Genesis Original Kit is a 10 out of 10 for beginners and youth archers! No doubt here.

It has all you need to get a great and safe start with archery. It is perfect to learn the right technique and form before you move on to stronger bows.
The compound bow is made of sturdy aluminum and composite materials and will last forever when treated right and with respect.

Moritz Image

Do your kid and yourself a favor and get one of these bows.
They come in so many different colors, that I am 100% sure the favorite color of your little one is available, too.

This compound bow is the perfect choice!

Did you get a Genesis Compound Bow?
What is your opinion about it?

Let me know in the comments below or contact me privately.
I am here to help, no matter what question you might have about archery.

Have a great day!

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Hi Moritz,

Great review, I really like the reading!

To be honest, I’ve never tried archery in my whole life, maybe because I am afraid to hurt someone. 🙂
However, my son would love to try this sport. He his 14 years old. Is that OK? I mean, isn’t he too young to practice archery?

Thank you !


    Hi Daniella,

    14 years is absolutely ok. The Genesis Kit is actually the perfect choice for your son.
    It was created with young archers in mind.

    But, your son has to learn to respect the bow. It is not just a toy and has to be handled with care.
    You should always supervise him, or let him join an archery club.

    Check out my archery training.

    If you need any help or advice, just let me know.
    I love helping people interested in archery. It is such a great sport!


Stephanie beebe

Hi Moritz. Thank you for your reviews. Our tall but slender 7.5-year old wants to begin and has been asking for awhile

Is the Genesis compound the right size or would you recommend something else?


    Hello Stephanie,

    the Genesis Compound Bow Kit is definitely a great choice for your kid.
    You can start with the lowest draw weight and turn it up once he got used to it.

    All you would need is an archery target if you want to shoot at home.
    Everything else is included in this kit.
    This target here would fit the bow perfectly.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
    Happy to help.


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