Archery Finger Savers - The Perfect Finger Guard

Archery Finger Savers – The Perfect Finger Guard

A young woman shooting with a recurve bow.

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After talking about traditional finger tabs and shooting gloves I want to talk about archery finger savers.
They are outstanding finger guards and once installed you can basically forget about them, as they will always be there when you need them:

Invisible Finger Protection Pine Ridge Archery Finger Savers (Pack of 1), Black

Name: Archery Finger Savers
Materials Used: Rubber
Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Grey
Best Place To Buy:
My Rating: 9 out of 10

If you are looking for an archery finger guard that is barely visible, you can never forget, and gives maximum protection to your fingertips, finger savers are the perfect solution for you.
I only found out about them a few weeks ago, when I started with bowfishing and had a look at different kinds of bows for this sport.

I absolutely love them and I am thinking about using them with all my bows.

What Are Finger Savers And How Do They Work

Finger savers are two small rubber tubes that are formed to fit your fingertips perfectly.
They get pulled over the bowstring and are placed where your fingers touch the bowstring.
One of them will get under the nocking point, the other will be above it.

The feeling when you first try them is amazing. You finally can shoot your bow without a tab or glove but still won’t feel the pinch of the string.
This gives you maximum control over your bow and your release.

Pine Ridge Archery Finger Savers (Pack of 1), Black

How To Install Finger Savers

Warning: Don’t boil the finger savers!

While some suggest that you boil the finger savers to make them a bit wider and therefore easier to pull over the string, I don’t think that this is a good idea.
Rubber tends to get porous after boiling, so it will dry out and rot rather fast after boiling.

Instead, you should make sure that your bowstring is waxed nicely.
Finger savers usually come with a cotter pin that will make it much easier to bring them into place.
Just put the bowstring in the cotter pin and feed it through the finger saver.
After that, you can use pliers to get a good grip on the pin and pull the savers down with your hand until they are below/above the nocking point.
Don’t try to pull the saver over the nocking point. Instead, just pull the bigger part up by starting from the side that is below the nocking point and the smaller part from the other direction.

This process will make some of the wax come off, so you should wipe that away just before the saver reaches its destination.

You can install finger savers on endless loop strings, too. No problem at all!

Here is a video that shows how you install finger savers on a Genesis Compound Bow without a nocking point installed:

Bowfishing With Finger Savers

I mentioned that I discovered them when I started with bowfishing, so whether you are using a recurve bow or a compound bow for fishing, I would use this type of archery finger guard.
The only exception would be if you are using a mechanical release, of course.
There’s no need for finger savers then.

The reason why they are great for bowfishing is, that the rubber of the savers will give you a sure grip on the string even when your fingers are wet.
You won’t need to be afraid that the string will slip from your fingers uncontrolled.

More Advantages Of This Great Archery Finger Guard

What I love most about them is, that you only need to install them once and then don’t need to worry about them anymore.

No need to slip something over your fingers or hand to protect your fingers.
You can never lose or forget them and you will be ready to shoot instantly and don’t have to struggle with putting on your tab or glove first.

They are fantastic for beginners and young archers, too.

The only reason why I give them a 9 out of 10 rating is, that you “need to get your hands dirty” and pull them over the string.
This is just a small inconvenience compared to the benefits you will have while using them.

Get Your Finger Savers Right Now

Moritz ImageI got my finger savers from here.
They are the same as shown in the video above and are really very easy and comfortable to use.

Do your fingers a favor and get a set of them, too.

What type of archery finger guard are you using at the moment?
Are you using tabs, gloves, or already finger savers?

After using tabs for the longest time, I fell in love with archery finger savers.
Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below.

Happy hunting!

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