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Archery Bow Tuning Guide – Improve The Accuracy In Archery

improve the accuracy in archery

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This is the second part of my archery bow tuning guide.

If you missed the first part, please have a look at it to learn everything about bow string silencers and dampeners.

In this part I will talk about how to improve the accuracy in archery:

improve the accuracy in archery

Perfect shot. Used under creative commons from: Julo


Tools And Tricks That Help You Better Your Accuracy

Let me give you a quick overview of equipment that can help you improve your accuracy:

  • Archery Bow Sights
  • Stabilizers
  • Correct Poundage
  • Correct Technique

Archery Bow Sights

Sights are perfect to make you a better and more consistent schooter.
Many people have problems with instinctive archery and prefer shooting with a sight. Maybe they are used to shooting rifles with a sight and then it is just easier to use one on a bow as well.

There are many different types of sights, but the main difference is the number of pins in the sight:

There are “single pin sights” and “multiple pin sights”.
As the name suggests, the first has only one pin and the second up to 5 pins.
Those pins get adjusted to the distance to your target and, when sighted in correctly, make it easier to aim because you just have to bring the pin over the target and loose the arrow.

I have tested two great sights I want to recommend to you. They are fantastic.

Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight

The Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight is the best single pin sight I have ever seen (it has a yard dial to adjust the pin to any wanted distance).

The Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight has 5 pins that adjust themselves automatically, when you set the first two pins. It is sighted in very easily and quickly!

Make sure you check those sights out if you want to improve your accuracy!


Stabilizers are often seen on recurve bows and compound bows.
They are basically long and shorter rods that stick out in different directions and their purpose is to reduce unwanted rotation and movement of the bow while aiming and after the shot.

We distinguish between the following stabilizers:

  • Long Rod
  • Limb or Twin Stabilizer

Long Rod or Front Stabilizer

This type of stabilizer is attached to the bow, which will stabilize it when you draw and shoot it.
It eliminates the horizontal and vertical movements by moving the gravity’s center to the front.

A great long rod stabilizer is the WindJammer from LimbSaver.long rod stabilizer
It is 7 inches long and dampens vibration greatly.
It is perfectly balanced and gives just enough extra weight to steady the bow, without weighing it down too much.
There are several colors you can choose from and its price ranges from $17.81 to $55.99 depending on the color.

This is a very effective, but still affordable stabilizer.
If you want to use one, then this is the perfect choice for you!

Get it straight from Amazon here!

Limb or Twin Stabilizer

These stabilizers are usually attached above and under the bow hand. twin stabilizer
In addition to a long rod there is a second rod pointing back and to the side which helps to decrease the rotation caused by a bow hand mistake.
They also reduce vibration, hand shock and noise of the bow.

The Hot Rodz Western Hunter Stabilizer package includes a 10 inch long front stabilizer (long rod) and a 8 inch long rod for the side bar.
They create a great balance of the bow and can improve your accuracy greatly.

The price for this stabilzer package is $103.66, but remember that you get two rods for that price!

The Hot Rodz Western Hunter Stabilizer is available here!

Correct Poundage

While not exactly a tool or equipment that you can attach to your bow, it is still very important that you don’t ignore the following:

Many archery beginners fall into the trap that they think they need a powerful bow with as much draw weight as possible.

Maybe you are possible to draw a 50 LBS bow, but can you do so without bending your back in weird ways?
If it looks like in this video, you know that your bow is too strong for you:

You need to be able to draw your bow in a smooth way without moving your upper body.
Sure, a compound bow will help you when you made it to the point where its pulleys kick in, but you can still hurt your back if the draw weight is to high and this will effect your accuracy immensly, too.
If you want to shoot consistently with high accuracy, then the draw weight must not be too high for you!

Correct Technique

The last factor for getting a better accuracy is the right technique.
Again, this is not a tool, obviously.
But without the correct technique you will be going nowhere.

I explain the important archery steps in my archery training and while they are all crucial for your accuracy, I want to point out the most important steps here:

You need to have a good anchor point! If you don’t anchor the same way before each and every shot, you don’t have a chance to get a good accuracy.

You also need the right grip on your bow. Don’t grab it too tight. If the bow is balanced correctly, you won’t need to grab the bow with a lot of strength but it will rest easily on your hand.

Follow through after the arrow has left the bow.
Don’t just let your arms down or turn away from the target.
This step can’t be stressed enough!
When you see professional or experienced archers, you will notice that they all stand still for a while after their shot.
Follow the link above to learn why!

Improve Your Accuracy

You have learned several ways today how to improve the accuracy in archery.
There are a few tools you can use and a few factors you have to know about to better your accuracy.

I hope this will help you on the archery range and while hunting.

Don’t miss out the last part of my archery bow tuning guide, when I talk about things that can make an archers life much easier and even more fun:

How to make an archers life easier.

Stay tuned and have a great day!


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I’m not really into archery but my parents are and i’m definitely going to recommend this site to them. I believe it would really help them out though if there was a video for each sight about how to install them on their bows, what the purpose of the sight is, and what the cons of the sights are! Great job with this article!


    Hi Anthony,

    thank you for your comment.
    When you follow the links, you can find more details about the sights.
    Good idea about the videos, though.
    I will see if I can add some in the future.


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