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Searching For A Finger Tab For Archery? Stop Right Here!

By Moritz

allen company finger tab 3

Protecting your fingers in archery is very important.
The first thing new archers should get is a finger tab for archery, or another type of finger protection equipment that I talked about in my last article.

Today I want to talk about how easy it is to use a finger tab and where to get really nice ones:

Great Finger Tabs Don’t Need To Be Expensiveallen company finger tab 1

Name: Allen Company Finger Tab
Materials: Leather, Calf Hair
Finger Spacer: Yes
Speciality: Right Hand Only
Best Place To Buy:
My Rating: 9 out of 10

This finger tab from Allen Company is of very high quality and usually costs $34.99. So I would get it before the price gets higher again.
Continue reading to find out what this tab has to offer you and how to use it correctly:

This Is What You Get

  • tab with 2 leather flaps
  • smooth calf hair on the inside for better release
  • plastic finger seperator
  • right hand only

It is really important that you are aware of the fact, that this is a tab for right handed archers.
While you could use it with your left hand, it wouldn’t be very comfortable to do so.
(You can find a great tab for left handed archers here but it costs a little bit more, unfortunately).

The 2 flaps made of real leather protect your fingers very well, so that you can shoot your bow for a long time without feeling any pinch of the string.allen company finger tab 2
Some finger tabs are using only leather for the part that holds the strings, which is fine. But in this case calf hair is used to make the surface of the tab even smoother.
When you release the string there is minimum friction between the tab and the string, so that the arrow can fly forward without loosing energy or direction.

I like that this tab has a finger seperator, but some might prefer one without it.
It helps me to get a better grip on the tab and keep it in place.
The downside of the finger seperator is, that it makes it uncomfortable when using with the left hand.

How To Use A Finger Tab

It is rather easy to use a finger tab, once you have learned how to do it.

Finger tabs usually have either a hole or a loop to slip your middle finger through.
Slip your finger through from below and if there is a finger seperator put it between your index finger and middle finger.
Your index finger, middle finger and ring finger should be covered now by the tab, when you have done it right.

As you will notice then, the tab doesn’t cling to your fingers automatically, but hangs loose from your hand.
So when it is time to hook the string, you have to make sure that the tab is between your fingers and the string.

And that’s all that you really need to know about the usage of a tab.
All you need to do then is to draw, aim and shoot just the same way you would without a tab.

allen company finger tab 3

What I Like And Don’t Like About This Finger Tab

For my personal needs, this finger tab is great.

I really like the calf hair which makes shooting with it a breeze and a lot of fun.
The two leather flaps are also thick enough to give my fingers protection from the string, even when I am shooting for a long time.
I heard, however, from other archers, that it was not thick enough for them when shooting a bow with stronger draw weights like 40+ LBS.

So if you are shooting a bow with a high draw weight, you might want to check out one of these finger tabs instead.

I also like the finger seperator. Some like it, others don’t but I always get tabs with a seperator.

You Can Get The Finger Tab From Allen Company here.

Other Ways Of Protecting Your Fingers

If you are not really into finger tabs, you can try a shooting glove or finger savers instead.

I have talked about those in my article about finger protection and will take a closer look at some of them soon.

Especially the finger savers are great in my opinion and I installed one set of them on one of my bows.
No need for a tab or glove anymore when I am shooting with that bow now.

Stay tuned for my other articles about finger protection. I will put links here when I have published them.

Have you found your favorite finger tab for archery already?
What does it look like and how do you feel about using one?

Write me in the comments below as I would like to discuss this simple but very effective and useful tool with you.

Talk to you soon.


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