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SAS Courage 60″ Takedown Review – The Perfect Recurve Bow For Beginners

SAS Courage Recurve Bow

Name: SAS Courage 60″ Takedown Recurve Bow SAS Courage Recurve Bow
Materials Used: Wood and Fiberglass
Availability: Right Hand And Left Hand
Draw Weights: 35 LBS – 60 LBS
Draw Length: 28″
Bow Length: 60″
Best Place to Buy:
My Rating: 9 out of 10

The SAS Courage 60″ Takedown Recurve Bow – Overview

I have to say that this takedown recurve bow is a great bow for beginners and advanced archers.
It is very robust and sturdy. The fiberglass face of the limbs gives the bow some extra protection.
The bow is very forgiving for beginner mistakes which makes it easier to handle and will bring a lot of joy and satisfaction to the archer.

As it is a takedown bow, it is very easy to transport. Assembling the bow is very easy, too. Even if you have never handled a takedown bow before, you will have no problem to assemble this bow.

The bow is 60″ (about 150 cm) long, which is a good length for beginners and advanced archers.
Not too long, not too short.

Get Your SAS Courage Takedown Bow Here

…or keep on reading to learn more:

What You Get For That Price

Please mind that you get what you see on the picture. There are no arrows or any other equipment included.
I recommend adding an arrow rest and a bow stringer to your order, as this will make your life much easier and the bow stringer will protect your bow from damage.

This bow is extremely light (around 3 pounds), so it will not exhaust the archer too quickly and provides an overall delightful experience.

What Is A Takedown Bow?

I love takedown bows because it is so easy to change their draw weight.
The limbs (or arms) of the bow can be taken off and be replaced with stronger or weaker limbs.
So if you have a child who wants to start shooting, but your bow is too strong for it, you can just get a set of new limbs.
That way you will save some serious money because you don’t need to buy a whole new bow every time you need a different draw weight.

sas courage riser

SAS Courage Riser

The other thing is, that you can transport a takedown bow much easier.
Want to travel and take your bow with you?
No problem with a takedown bow. Just disassemble it and put it in a bow case or sack.
You will need the allen wrench that comes with the bow for that.

If you’d prefer a takedown bow for which you don’t need a wrench, take a look at the Samick Sage Bow.

More Facts About The SAS Courage 60″ Takedown Bow

The bow is rather quiet, which is important for bow hunters, but it is not the quietest one you can buy. To decrease the noise, you can buy some string silencers, but those are only needed if you really go hunting.
If you decide to go hunting please make sure you only hunt small game with a bow below 40 lb draw weight.

The riser has a very nice shape which fits into your hand perfectly. The shape and the light weight make sure that your hand won’t hurt or cramp when you are shooting for a longer time.

Additional Equipment You Should Consider Getting

Once you feel comfortable with your bow, you can think of adding some equipment like a bow quiver, stabilizer or sight.

My Opinion and Rating

As I stated above, I think that the SAS Courage 60″ Takedown Bow is perfect for beginners and hunters on a small budget.
There are only a few small drawbacks:

  • only one size (60″) available
  • no attachments included
  • unfortunately, there are no bushings for attachments preinstalled

The pros outweigh those small cons easily:

  • affordable price
  • both right and left hand available
  • easy to assemble
  • robust and sturdy materials
  • simple yet good looking design
  • light weight
  • nice and smooth draw

I would not wait and get this great takedown recurve bow as a beginner right now. It will give you many hours of fun and will make your first archery steps easy and enjoyable.
Please make sure, that the draw weight suits you, though.
To make sure what draw weight you should get, check out my draw weight guide here.

You can use it for both hunting and target archery. Just remember to maybe get an arrow rest, a bow stringer and arrows of course.
Any type of arrow is fine, just make sure it is long enough for the draw length of 28″.
I would recommend an arrow length of 30″.
Learn more about arrows here.

All that’s left to say is:
Enjoy your time with the SAS Courage 60″ Takedown Bow and let me know what you think of it.
As always, if you have any more questions, please drop a line in the comments and I will be happy to help you and answer any questions about this or other bows.

Happy hunting.


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Sue Reeder

Wow, good review. This would be an excellent Christmas present for my hunting relatives. Good site!!


    Thank you!
    I am glad you liked it!
    Let me know if you have any more questions. Happy you already found the perfect Christmas present. 😉
    See you around.


This bow looks sturdy and very efficient for archery enthusiasts. Thanks for the review 🙂


    Hello Keye.
    I am very happy that you liked my review.
    I agree that this bow is perfect for anyone who wants to start with archery, or needs a backup bow next to his main bow.
    Hope you are enjoying your stay on my site.

Tracy Wever

Good review of the sas 60″ takedown. Other than a starter bow I think it would also make a good utility bow for hunting small game. Something you could keep behind the back seat of the truck always available. Good review. Rest of the site looks good also great information.


    Hi Tracy,
    thank you for your feedback.
    You are right. The SAS 60″ takedown recurve bow is a great backup bow you can keep always at hand if you suddenly need it.
    Have a great day and time on my site!


Thank you for the write up on the SAS 60″ takedown bow. I have been kicking around the idea of bow hunting for a while. In particular, for a real challenge, Javelin. Although it might not be the best idea to start with them due to their great sense of smell. Do you have any recommendations on where I should start?
Thank you,


    Hello Marc,

    I am happy you enjoyed my review of the SAS 60″ takedown recurve bow.

    While javelina do have a good sense of smell, their eyesight is rather poor. This makes it easier to stalk them and get up close enough to hunt them with a bow.
    In addition their skin is not very thick, so you wouldn’t need a bow with a very high draw weight.

    Another easy way of hunting Javelina is to bait them. If you know an area where they usually live, you can choose a good place to hide and spread corn kernels on the floor.
    Don’t move and stay in cover until they come to eat and you will have a rather easy shot.
    This technique is especially good for beginners.

    The SAS 60″ takedown bow would be more than enough to hunt javelina.

    But before you go hunting with a bow, you have to become a decent archer first. If not you might only hurt the animal and cause a lot of suffering if it gets away and dies somewhere slowly.

    If you are completely new to archery, head over to my beginners training where I explain everything step by step.

    Let me know how it goes.



Hello Moritz,

The more of your content I read the more I get excited about getting back into archery. I have book marked your page my friend and I will be back to get what I need from your recommendations.
Just one question, I probably know the answer but what is a take down bow?


    Thank you San!

    That means a lot to me!
    At the moment I want to finish my training of the 10 archery shooting techniques.
    After that I will focus more on great bows and crossbows I can recommend to my readers.

    A take down bow is a bow you can assemble and disassemble. It has three parts, the riser (grip) and two limbs (arms).
    Many modern recurve bows are actually take down bows. They are easy to transport and when you need a stronger bow you can just buy new limbs and don’t need to buy a whole new bow.



Marc Parsons

Hey Moritz
Truly a thorough review. Thank you for the info.

The Sas Courage 60″ Looks like a fantastic Bow, but I have a friend looking to get started. He has the challenge of finding a beginner bow, but is left handed. Is there anything that you would recommend and why?

Looking forward to your response.



    Hello Marc,
    welcome to my archery corner!
    I would recommend your friend the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow.
    It is very similar to the SAS Courage Takedown Bow, but you can choose between left and right hand. The cost is almost the same, too.

    Make sure your friend selects the correct hand when he purchases the bow.

    If you have any more questions, please let me know!



Hi Moritz,
I seem to recall I have already commented on one of your other articles before. (Bows for ladies if I remember)
As mentioned before, I never realised there was such a wealth of information for the un-initiated regarding this activity.
For instance, I never knew there are bows for right- and left handed people. Does it really mean a left handed person cannot use a right handed bow ? Please forgive my ignorance.
I wish you the best of luck with your venture.


    Welcome back, Theuns.

    I am happy to read from you again.
    There is a lot you can learn about archery. It is way more than just letting an arrow fly and (hopefully) hitting a target.

    Most modern bows have a grip that is shaped in a way that it is only comfortable to use with your right or with your left hand. If you are using additional equipment (e.g. arrow rest) then you can’t just turn your bow around to use it with the other hand, as the arrow rest would be upside down then.

    The tricky thing in archery is to find out which bow you have to use.
    It has nothing to do with whether you are usually right handed or left handed.
    The important thing is which of your eyes is the dominant one.

    I am happy that you brought this to my attention, because I noticed now that I haven’t explained this to my readers yet.
    I will add this to my archery step by step guide right now.




Hey, very impressive bow for beginner’s. I like recurve because of the feeling, but man those can be a pain to keep holding if you wait for a long time to shoot. Compound’s are my best friend in bowhunting and archery. Sure is easier to restring a recurve, unless you cheat and lock the pulley’s in place. That’s not too difficult. I appreciate the information!



    Hello Benjamin,

    I agree with you that recurve bows can be tough to hold for a longer time.
    That’s why recurve bow archers can’t and shouldn’t hold the bow fully drawn too long.

    It is different when shooting a compound bow (like you mentioned), because the pulleys do a lot of the work.

    Have you ever tried a crossbow?
    They can be an interesting alternative, because you don’t need to worry about holding their draw weight and can aim as long as you wish.

    Have a great day.



Hello Moritz,

Ive been wanting to purchase the Samick Sage after quite a bit of research.
However, full of excitement i purchased the similar looking Sas Courage by mistake.
Do you think i should return the Sas courage to purchase the Samick Sage?
Does the Sas Courage have the same accuracy?
Is the Samick Sage more durable?
I ordered the 45lb bow.

Thank you,
Regards Karam


    Hello Karam,

    don’t worry.
    The SAS Courage will give you the same joy, accuracy and durability as the Samick Sage.

    Both are takedown bows, so you can change the limbs should one get damaged, or if you want to change the draw weight.
    But when treated well, the SAS Courage bow will do its job for a very long time.
    I don’t think you need to return or cancel your order.

    Is this your first bow?
    If yes, then I would recommend to use a stringer to string the bow, because it can happen easily that the limbs get twisted, when beginners try to string the bow without a stringer.
    Did you get any additional equipment?

    I have a step by step guide in my archery training that helps everybody to become a great archer!

    Let me know how it goes and write me if you have more questions.



Wow. That’s a great recurve bow for beginners.
I am a beginner at archery and my main concern is that most bows I use tend to make my hand really tired after some shooting.
Will it make my hand less tired or do I just need to do more work out?



    Hello Lucas,

    while your problem with your hand is rather normal for beginners, it could also be caused by the wrong technique. The SAS Courage Recurve Bow is a great bow and shouldn’t cause this problem when using the right technique.

    Not sure which hand you are talking about.
    If it’s the one which is holding the bow, make sure that you don’t grab the bow too tight. We actually try to keep our hand as relaxed as possible and close our fingers lightly around the grip, just enough so that the bow doesn’t fall down.

    If it’s the hand which is pulling the string, you should definitaly wear either a finger tab or a shooting glove to protect your finger tips.
    This hand has to stay relaxed also. The whole weight is held and pulled back with your fingers (the strength comes mostly from the back though) while the hand stays relaxed.
    This takes practice of course to get it right.

    I’d highly recommend to go through my archery training to make sure that you get the technique right.
    This will improve your archery experience immensly.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.



Great website, I’m also into the “outdoorsy” type equipment. Information about the bow is informative and detailed.
This website is awesome for hunting, archery and outdoor enthusiasts – as well as anybody who is interested in coming to the sport.
I myself, wanted to do archery already as a child.

The SAS Courage Takedown bow really looks great.



    Welcome to My Archery Corner.
    I am happy you like my site.
    If you want to get started with archery the SAS Courage Takedown Bow would be a great choice.

    Let me know if you have any question about archery.



For the SAS Courage 60″ Takedown bow do you know how much the different arms cost for it. I like the ideal that I can just change the arms to have a different weight that would be much cheaper then buying two different bows. I was also wondering if this bow comes with an arm to rest the arrow on. If not could I buy one, where could I buy it, and how much would it cost?

Have a happy holiday!


    you can buy arms (limbs) with different draw weights here. They cost around 60 dollars.
    The SAS Courage does not come with an arrow rest.
    To learn more about arrow rests and where to get them, please read this article.
    I would either use a simple arrow rest, or a whisker biscuit arrow rest.

    I hope you are having a great Christmas.
    Let me know when you need any more information about bows or archery equipment. 🙂



Not sure how many female archers there are out there but my daughter wants to become one. She is about 5′ 4″, 34 years old and in pretty good shape. She wants to start hunting with her husband. Would this be an appropriate beginners bow for her? Or would you have a different suggestion?


    Hello Brad,

    the SAS Courage Takedown Bow would be a great bow for your daughter.
    Just make sure to get the one with 35 LBS draw weight.
    A higher draw weight would be too difficult to draw for a beginner.

    I wrote an article about archery for women.
    There you will see that there is not anything that can stop women from becoming great archers, too.

    I hope your daughter will enjoy archery.
    Make sure to come back for more information.
    My archery training will sure help her to improve quickly.

    All the best.


Enjoyed your review. But I am a bit confused. On here you state that it has bushings installed. But on another review as well as on Amazon it lists that it does NOT have bushings for sights or rest. Which is it?


    Hi David,

    thanks a lot for making me aware of this mistake.
    That must have slipped in there somehow.
    The SAS Courage Takedown recurve bow, does NOT have bushings preinstalled.
    If you need a bow with bushings, I recommend the Samick Sage or the Spyder recurve bow.


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