Getting Started - My Archery Corner - Part 3

Getting Started

A young man shooting with a bow.

Archery For Blind People – Is It Possible?

Archery is a sport where we try to hit a target. So, how about archery for blind people? Can people who are not able to see participate in archery? How can they hit a target? Is it maybe too dangerous? Read on to learn how visually impaired people can still have fun with archery: Can Blind […]

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Arrows stuck in a target.

The Amazing Field Logic Youth Block Genz Open Target

If you or your child are new to archery and need an amazing target, the Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target is the perfect choice for you. You can use it with bows with a maximum draw weight of 40 LBS. Read on to learn what makes this target so great: A Quick Overview Name: Field […]

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A woman aiming with a recurve bow.

Arrow Rests For Compound Bows And Traditional Bows

Are your arrows always falling off of the bow before you can even let them fly? Stop Immediately! You could seriously injure yourself! There are two reasons why this could be happening: You either don’t have an arrow rest for your compound or traditional bow, or your arrow is too short! The first thing you […]

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