Getting Started - My Archery Corner - Part 3

Getting Started

Jan 02

The Field Logic Youth Block Genz Open Target

By Moritz

Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target

Maybe you just got your young archer a new bow and you need a target now.  But which target is the right one for you? The starting costs in archery are pretty high. But buying a low-quality target will fix that problem only for a short time. You will need a new target very quickly if […]

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Dec 16

Arrow Rests For Compound Bows And Traditional Bows

By Moritz

QAD Ultra Rest Hunter

Are your arrows always falling off of the bow before you can even let them fly?  Stop Immediately! You could seriously injure yourself! There are two reasons why this could be happening: You either don’t have an arrow rest for your compound or traditional bow, or your arrow is too short! Hi there, I am […]

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Dec 12

My Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Review

By Moritz

samick sage riser

The Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is a very famous and popular traditional recurve bow. While it uses modern materials like fiberglass to strengthen the limbs, the rest of the bow is made of wood. That gives the bow a great look and is perfect for both beginners and advanced archers. Hi, I am Moritz […]

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