Getting Started - My Archery Corner - Part 2

Getting Started

Dec 24

Rinehart 18-1 The Best Archery Target For Broadhead Arrows

By Moritz

Rinehart 18-1

Never shoot with broadhead arrows when practicing!  Shooting with broadhead arrows will ruin your target! Is this something your archery trainer is telling you? Well, he is not completely wrong. There are, however, targets that can withstand even broadhead arrows easily. Finally, want to practice with your broadhead arrows for the next hunt? Then you […]

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Jan 20

Archery For Blind People – Is It Possible?

By Moritz

archery for blind people

Archery is a sport where we try to hit a target. So, how about archery for blind people? Can people who are not able to see participate in archery? How can they hit a target? Is it maybe too dangerous? Read on to learn how visually impaired people can still have fun with archery: Can Blind […]

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