Bowfishing Kit - Bowfishing With A Compound Bow

Bowfishing Kit – Bowfishing With A Compound Bow

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Want to know what it is like to go bowfishing with a compound bow?

It’s pure awesomeness and so much fun!

Read the lines below to get to know the best compound bow for bowfishing you can get for your money:

What Does Your Compound Bow Need For Fishing?

In general, it is very similar to fishing with a recurve bow, of course.

If you want to go bowfishing, the minimum requirement would be a fishing line that gets attached to your arrow.
This will enable you to bring fish in that you hit with the arrow.

It is even better when your compound bow features a reel which makes getting the fish on your boat or land much easier.
But it’s not only the special equipment on your bow you need but special arrows, too.
Common arrows would not be able to hold on to a fighting fish so you need arrows with special barbs like the carp points.

I have found a great compound bow that has everything you need to get started with bowfishing included:

Summary of the Muzzy Bowfishing Vice V2 Spin Kit Muzzy Vice V2 Spin Kit Right-hand, Green

Name: Muzzy Bowfishing Vice V2 Spin Kit
Bow Type: Compound Bow
Draw Weight: 30 – 60 LBS
Draw Length: 24.5″ – 31″
Bow Lenght: 30″
Let-Off: 75%
Brace Height: 7.5″
Bow Weight: 3.8 lb
Available For: Right Hand or Left Hand (check when ordering!)
Colors: Green
Kit Includes: Bottle Reel or Spin-Style Reel (XD Pro Push-Button Reel), Muzzy Fish Hook rest, White Fish Arrow with Carp Point, Glove-Free Finger Guards (finger savers)
Best Place To Buy:

This compound bow was made especially for bowfishing. And I am not talking about small fish here.
It is the perfect tool for when you are about to hunt big fish.

Let’s Talk About The Compound Bow

I absolutely love that this bow is available for right and left-handers. Just make sure that you get the right one for your needs! Sometimes the version with the bottle reel might only be available for right-handers!
Too many manufacturers only cater to right-handed archers, forgetting that there are many archers out there who are left-handed.

With 30 to 60 LBS draw weight you can hunt big and small fish. The 75% let-off makes it easier to draw and hold the bow for a while.

What really stands out is how smooth the draw and release of the Muzzy compound bow is.
You will have a great time using this bow.

The draw length can be adjusted between 24.5″ to 31″ so no matter how short or tall you are, this bow will fit.

With only 3.8 lb the bow is rather light-weight and it will withstand the rough conditions it is exposed to when bowfishing.

The bow is great!
But how about the additional equipment?

Keep reading to learn all about the tools that make this fishing compound bow so great:

Two Types Of Reels Available

Having different options available is usually a good thing. That is the case here as well.
Some might prefer a “classic” pre-spooled reel they know from fishing rods, others might like bottle reels. This is really up to personal taste.
Here’s an image of the bow with a bottle reel:

Muzzy Bowfishing V2 Bottle Reel Kit Right-Hand,Green

Bottle reels are great as they hardly ever break but it takes a bit longer to “load” them after a shot.
The classic spin-style reel works exactly like it would on a fishing rod.

The Muzzy Fish Hook Rest

If you try to shoot an arrow that has a fishing line attached to it from a normal arrow rest, you’d have very bad results. It could even be dangerous if the line got caught in the arrow rest.
It is also important to have an arrow rest that can withstand wet and cold environments without any issues.

That’s where the Muzzy Fish Hook Rest comes into play. It features a groove below the arrow through which the line will pass through.
That makes the arrow leave the arrow rest smoothly and releases the full potential of the arrow.

You can shoot each arrow with full confidence, knowing that this arrow rest won’t let you down!

White Fish Arrow With Carp Point

You can’t go fishing with a normal target or broadhead arrow tip. Those will just go through or rip the fish apart. But they won’t be able to hold onto the fish once it’s time to pull them in.
Muzzy has arrows specifically designed for fishing. Arrows with carp point won’t let go fish easily so you can bring them in savely.

Glove-Free Finger Guards

When shooting with a bow, it’s highly recommended to use some kind of finger protection. However, finger tabs or gloves won’t work well in a wet environment. Sure, they usually still work when it’s raining but probably not so good when you are fishing.

That’s why it’s great that this compound bow already has finger savers preinstalled. Those little helpers make sure you have a save grip on the string even when it’s getting really wet.
I’ve dedicated a whole article to finger savers here.

Final Thoughts About The Bowfishing Compound Bow Package

It is a fantastic bow, hands down!

Moritz ImageI love that you can choose between a right-handed and a left-handed bow. The reel and fishing line will do a great job of pulling the fish in after a hit.
It’s also great that you can choose between a bottle reel and a spin-style reel.

Still, if you want a similar experience for a little bit less money, you can give the recurve bow for bowfishing a try.

If you want to go bowfishing with a compound bow, though, then this is the one you should get!

What do you think about this compound bow and bowfishing in general?
Have you ever tried bowfishing?
Leave me a comment and I would love to discuss everything about his great outdoor activity with you.

Talk to you soon!

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