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Best Carbon Arrows For Target Practice Or Hunting

By Moritz

carbon arrows

Tired of arrows that don’t live up to your high standards and expectations?

It’s time for a change.

carbon arrows

Carbon Arrows. Used under creative commons from: steven shen

If you are ready to take your archery game to the next level, you have to learn more about the best carbon arrows for target practice or hunting!

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Hey, I am Moritz.
I have been shooting with bows for about 15 years and shot all types of arrows.

I truly believe that carbon arrows are the best choice if you are not afraid to spend the extra cash on them.
It’s really worth it.

Their accuracy and penetration are mind-blowing!

Quick Introduction Of Arrow Shaft Materials

The most commonly used materials for arrow shafts (in alphabetical order) are:

They all have different behaviors when being shot with, so you have to choose wisely which one you are going to use.
If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to choose cheaper arrows that don’t break too easily.

If you want to become a more professional archer, you have to think about what you want to achieve:
Do you want to go hunting?
Do you want to hit targets on a short or long distance?
Are you shooting indoors or outdoors?

All those factors are important and need to be taken into consideration.
Some arrows are lighter than others and will fly far.
Other arrows penetrate a target deeper and are better for hunting.

In this article, I am talking about carbon arrows for hunting and target practice.
To read more about the other materials, click on the links above.

maxima red shaft

Important Facts About Carbon Arrows

  • High Speed
  • Less Wind Drift
  • Don’t Bend Easily
  • Weigh Less Than Aluminum
  • Cost More Than Aluminum
  • Gain And Lose Velocity Rather Quickly
  • High Penetration
  • High Accuracy

As you can see, a lot is speaking for carbon arrows and only a little against them.
Let me tell you in more detail what all this means.

High Speed Of Carbon Arrows

Carbon arrows have a relatively small diameter which makes them faster than wood or aluminum arrows.
Speed is mostly important for hunting, but I do love it as well when shooting at an archery target.
It is a great feeling when you hear the impact of the arrow almost instantly after you let the arrow fly.

Less Wind Drift For Increased Accuracy

This is obviously important when you are shooting outside. Whether you are shooting at targets or live animals a strong wind can make it almost impossible to get any hits.
Carbon arrows are much less affected by the wind than other arrows. So when you want to be more accurate on a windy day, you should use carbon arrows.
They won’t help you much in a hurricane, though. 😉

They Don’t Bend Easily

Very important for both beginners and advanced archers.
An arrow that has bent too much can not be used anymore. While you can straighten aluminum and carbon arrows to a certain level, it is so much better when an arrow just doesn’t bend right from the start.
While carbon arrows are thinner than aluminum arrows, they are much harder and don’t bend easily.
When you are just beginning, you will thank me for that tip.
It can be very frustrating when you accidentally ruined an arrow.
This can easily happen when it is stuck in a target and you try to wiggle it out of the target or when you hit a hard surface the arrow can not penetrate.

maxima blue shaft

Weigh Less Than Aluminum

I think their weight is just right. Not too heavy and not too light.
This makes them fast and they are able to fly rather far as well.

Cost A Bit More

Yes, it is true.
They cost a bit more than aluminum or wood arrows.
So if you are not sure yet that archery is the right sport for you, you might fare better with other arrows.
But when you know that archery is what you want to do, then I would go for carbon arrows!
They are more durable, faster and have a higher penetration than other arrows.
Nowadays most bow hunters are using carbon arrows, and they know why!

Gain And Lose Velocity Rather Quickly

An aspect that can almost be ignored.
The weight and diameter make them gain velocity very quickly. They will speed up suddenly and fly towards the target at high speed.
But they will lose that velocity rather quickly, too. So if you are shooting at targets far away, the carbon arrow might not be the best choice.
I don’t think that this is a big thing, though.
Bow hunting doesn’t happen on such far distances that this behavior of the arrow would really matter.
And if you are shooting at stationary targets only, the speed is not that important anyways.
The pros of carbon arrows outweigh this small drawback by far.

best carbon arrows

High Penetration Of Carbon Arrows

I already mentioned it.
The high speed and small diameter of the arrow result in a high penetration of the target.
In combination with broadheads, this will guarantee a quick kill when hunting, given that the archer is able to hit a vital part of the animal.
When you want to go hunting this is what you absolutely need:
Speed + high penetration!

High Accuracy

Everybody wants to be accurate when shooting a bow. No matter whether you are hunting or practicing target archery.
All the points above conclude in a higher accuracy of carbon arrows.
What is not to love about a high accuracy?

Upgrade Your Bow With Carbon Arrows

After reading the above, I am sure you agree with me that carbon arrows are great for hunting and target practice.
The higher cost is well worth it because you get so much more with an arrow shaft made of carbon.
And don’t worry, they are still very affordable.

When you get one of the following arrow packs you just can’t go wrong:

Carbon Express Maxima Red

carbon maxima red arrows1


The best of the best!
These arrows are fast, accurate and hardly ever break or bend.
If you want the best quality for your next hunting trip, you have to do yourself the favor and get a pack of Maxima Red arrows.
Follow my link and read the reviews. Then you will know what I am talking about.

These arrows were specially designed to be used with broadheads.
So when you decide to go hunting with them, get some nice broadheads and their accuracy will still be just as great as with target tips.

Like all Carbon Express arrows, the Maxima Red features the Launchpad Nocks.
Those special nocks guarantee the highest possible precision with every shot.

Depending on your draw weight you have to pick the right “size” or spine of the arrow.
To make that easier for you, please refer to the chart below:

carbon maxima red draw weight chart

Please note that Carbon Express arrows don’t come with arrow tips! Inserts are included, but you will have to buy the tips separately.

Carbon Express Maxima Blue

Carbon Express Maxima Blue


Just as great as the Maxima Red Arrows, the Maxima Blue arrows are of the highest quality possible.
They are available in three spine sizes, which is great when you are shooting with a weaker bow.
If your draw length is rather short and your bow below 40 LBS, the Maxima Red arrows would be a bit too stiff for you.
You will fare much better with the Blue Streak arrows then.

Besides that, the arrows of those packs have the same features and advantages.
Two different types of carbon materials are used to create two different spines within the same arrow. That’s why you can shoot the same arrow within a range of draw weights.

The Launchpad Nocks with BullDock Nock Collars give you maximum precision while protecting the nocks from damage.

To choose the correct arrows, please refer to the chart below:

maxima blue streak chart

Again, please don’t forget that you’ll have to buy tips for the arrows separately.
The Maxima Blue Arrows are my personal favorite!
They are not only very effective and durable, but they just look great, too!

Black Archery 31″ Carbon Arrows

black archery 31 arrows

Let me be straight with you.
The reason why I introduce you to the Black Archery 31″ arrows is, to just give you a cheaper alternative to the Carbon Express arrows.
But please be aware of the fact, that they are not of the same high standards as the Carbon Express arrows.

They are good arrows, but they don’t have the sophisticated Launchpad Nocks and overall precision.
If you are on a budget you won’t go wrong with a pack of Black Archery arrows, but if you want the best arrows on the field, you should grab one of the Carbon Express arrows from above.

The Black Archery arrows do come with a practice target tip, so you won’t have to get those separately.
You can easily replace the tip with any other tip, by just screwing them off and the others on.
The spine size is 450, which makes them best for bows with up to 60 LBS draw weight. Don’t use them with stronger bows, or the arrow could get damaged.

Conclusion: Carbon Arrows Are The Best Arrows

Having good arrows can make a huge difference!
This is especially important when you are hunting or want to join competitions.

Moritz ImageI recommend carbon arrows for target practice or hunting because they are fast, durable and very accurate.
They are worth every cent!

The best arrows are the Maxima Blue and the Maxima Red.
If you want great quality but can’t afford those, you can go for the Black Archery Carbon Arrows.

Let me know what your favorite arrows are.
Carbon, wood or something else?

Leave a comment and let’s discuss.

Have a great day.


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