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Bear Archery Scout – Youth Archery Set

Bear Archery Scout Youth Archery Set

Dear parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents: Bear Archery Scout Compound Bow

If you need a great gift for a young child, the Bear Archery Scout Youth Archery Set is the perfect solution!

Let me show you what you will get when you buy this bow.

All in all, it is really a great set, but there are some things you need to be aware of:

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Hi there, I am Moritz and I have been practicing archery for many years.
I always love to see it when kids start with archery as early as possible.

Archery is great for so many reasons.
It is healthy and fun.
It gets your kid outside (not spending hours in front of the TV or the PC).

With the following bow, you will have your kids begging you to go outside to shoot it!

A Quick OverviewBear Archery Scout Youth Archery Set

Name: Bear Archery Scout
Bow Type: Compound Bow
Draw Length: 16″ – 24″
Draw Weight: 8 LBS – 13 LBS
Let off: 50%
Availability: Right And Left Hand
Arrows: 2x
Arm Guard: yes
Finger Tab: yes
Sight: yes
Quiver: yes
Age I recommend: 6 – 8 Years Old
Best Place To Buy:

The Archery Bow Set Includes Everything You Need

First of all, the bow here is a real compound bow, that means that it has pulleys that will make it easier to draw the bow once they kick in.
The let off is about 50% so once a certain draw is reached it will get much easier to draw the bow. The archer only has to get to that point which is relatively easy because the draw weight of the bow is not that high from the start.

Please note that the draw weight is not adjustable!
The range 8 LBS – 13 LBS only shows how much the initial draw weight is (13 LBS) and how much it is when in full draw (8 LBS).
Make sure your kid is able to draw this draw weight (most should be able).

The same is true for the draw length. It can not be changed.bear achery scout grip
In order to get the maximum out of the bow, the archer needs a draw length of 24″.

The bow can be used for right handed and left handed archers.
That’s a big advantage most other bows don’t offer.

Also included is some protective archery gear:
A finger tab to keep the fingers save and an arm guard which will prevent the bowstring from hitting the lower arm of the archer.

To round this up, two arrows, a quiver, and a basic single pin sight come with the set.
The sight is really very basic!
Don’t expect anything fancy, but it can help your kid to aim better than without one.

See the bow in action here:

This is a four-year-old boy having fun with the Bear Archery Scout Compound Bow.
Of course, his technique is not very good yet, and the draw length of the bow too long for him, but he is definitely enjoying himself and has a great start with archery

The Pros Of The Bear Archery Scout

I absolutely like what you get for your money here.
Everything your child needs to get started with archery is included.
You just need something to shoot at, here is a great target for this bow.

It is the perfect set for a young child (6-8 years old) who has never used a real bow before.
The manufacturer even suggests the age range from 4-7, but I will tell you later why I disagree a bit with that.

Arrows, protective gear, and even a quiver are included!
No need to buy anything else and you can start shooting immediately.

The bow is made of very durable and forgiving composite materials, which will withstand any type of weather and not break easily.

Most important: This bow is meant for very young archers with no or little experience!

bear archery scout youth archery

Archery, in general, will be great for your kid.
Does your child stay inside too much, using the computer or a console?
Archery will get your child out there again. Most children I met and let try archery simply loved it!

The Cons Of The Bear Archery Scout

What I didn’t like that much is that its draw length is rather high for a bow made for young children.
Many will not be able to draw it too full length. That means that they will still be able to shoot it, but not to its full potential.

Another thing is that it is not adjustable. So, if the bow is too difficult to draw, your kid has to get used to it and build up strength.
Once it gets too easy to draw, you won’t be able to increase the draw weight and have to consider getting a new and stronger bow.

The sight is really very basic! It’s just a pin attached to the bow with no adjustment options.

All in all, it is a great beginner bow for a young child, especially for that price!

Would I Get This Bow For My Child?

Yes, I would!

I do recommend it! Especially if you are not sure yet whether your child likes archery or not.
It is a fantastic bow to teach a child all about archery techniques and archery safety.

You don’t need to buy any extras!
And for its low price, you just can’t go wrong here.

I personally think that the average 4-year-old child will find it too difficult to draw, though. The draw weight will be too heavy and the draw length too high.
That’s why I recommend it for the age 6-8.

Want to surprise your little one with this great bow?

Do I Know Any Other Bows For Young Beginners?

Update: Unfortunately, the following bow is not available at present. Once it is available again, I will let you know.

Of course, I do. 😉
My absolute favorite bow for young beginners is the Bear Archery Apprentice 3 Compound Bow. Its draw weight is a bit higher, so if your child is younger than 10 years it would have to be stronger than average to shoot the Apprentice 3.

But when you child is able to draw at least 15 LBS, the Apprentice 3 is the perfect bow.
The best thing about that bow is, that it will grow with the archer. Its draw weight can be adjusted until you reach the maximum of 60 LBS!

You will have to pay a bit more, but when your child already loves archery and wants to shoot for many years or even hunt, you should take a look at the Bear Archery Apprentice 3 Bow.

Final Conclusion: A Fantastic Set For Kids!

Moritz ImageThe Bear Archery Scout Youth Archery Set is great for very young archery beginners.
The Bear Archery Apprentice 3 is a fantastic choice if you want to take it to the next level and don’t want to buy another bow for a few years.
(Unfortunately, the Apprentice 3 is not available at the moment.)

Which bow did you choose?
Let me know in the comments below and I will love to talk about this topic with you.

Talk to you soon.


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