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The Best Youth Archery Sets Compared – Review

young archer

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young archer

A boy shooting a compound bow. Used under creative commons from: John Novotny

Name: Youth Archery Sets
Materials Used: depends on the price and quality
Draw Weight: 10 – 45 lbs
Best Place to Buy:

Find The Right Youth Archery Set For Your Child

In my article about youth archery sets for kids, I talked about what you have to consider when choosing the first set for your kids.

The great thing about youth archery sets is, that you get everything you need in one package and don’t need to worry about additional things you might forget.

Please don’t leave you children unattended when shooting a bow. Accidents can happen very quickly. It is important that your children understand to handle their bow responsibly and respectfully.

It is also important to teach them the right way of holding, drawing and shooting the bow.
Take a look at my archery guide, if you are new to archery.

Now, let me show you some great options you can select from and I promise, you won’t regret it.

Bear Archery Wizard Bow Set

The Bear Archery Wizard Bow Set is a great set for small children who never used a bow before.Bear Archery Wizard Bow Set
It comes with the following package:

  • Bow
  • Arm Guard
  • Quiver
  • Finger Tab
  • Target Paper
  • 2x Arrows

Please note that the draw weight of this bow is only
10-18 lbs. It is perfect for children who haven’t build up anybody strength yet.
It is made of durable composite so it can withstand some force and it is also very weather resistant.
This is a great low budget bow!

Get it here.

Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Archery Set

The Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Archery Set is a set build around a compound bow.
The draw weight is 18 lbs and is ideal for kids with a small or medium body frame.
The pulleys of the compound bow make it easier to draw and hold the bow fully drawn.

The set includes the following items:compound bow set

  • Right Hand Compound Bow
  • String
  • Pin Sight
  • Finger Grip
  • 2x arrows

This compound bow is made of very durable materials which withstand all weather conditions easily.
The package of the bow can be used as a bow case.
There are three different color options you can choose from.

You can get this great compound bow set here.

Let’s Go Pro

The two youth archery sets I presented to you above are great.
They come with a lot of nice equipment and are very affordable.
To go one more step and maybe even hunting with your junior, you have to keep on reading and take a look at the next awesome archery sets:

The Genesis Kit

The Genesis Kit comprises of a phenomenal compound bow for beginners and all the equipment you need to get started.

Check out my detailed review of the Genesis Kit here.

Genesis Kit Red

Genesis Kit Red

This youth archery set includes the following items:

  • Compound Bow
  • Belt Tube Quiver
  • Arm Guard
  • 5 Aluminum Arrows
  • Hex Wrench
  • Owner’s Manual

The Genesis compound bow has a draw weight of 10-20 LBS and a let-off of 0%.
The reason for the rather low draw weight and 0 let-off is that it makes it the perfect bow for learning archery!
An ill-fitting bow can ruin all the fun in archery! Your child has to properly learn how to use a bow.
Only when it learns the right form, it will really excel in archery.

The Genesis bow comes in many different colors and is available for right and left-handed archers.

Read my detailed review (click the link above) or order the Genesis Kit here.

Bear Archery Apprentice III Right Hand Bow Set

The Bear Archery Apprentice III Right Hand Bow Set will blow away your mind.

For a more in-depth review of the Bear Archery Apprentice III Compound Bow please click here.

Bear Compound Bow

Bear Archery Apprentice III

It has everything you could ask for when you imagine an awesome compound bow for target shooting or even hunting.

This bow can be used by teenagers and adults alike. It is beginners friendly, but can be used by advanced archers, too

Take a look at the set:

  • Compound Bow
  • Trophy Ridge Sight
  • Trophy Ridge Stabilizer and Sling
  • Whisker Biscuit Rest
  • Trophy Ridge Quiver
  • Peep Sight

One of the highlights is definitely the sight. It makes aiming much easier, especially at the beginning. You child will have a lot of fun with hitting bull’s eye the whole time.

The draw length is between 15″-27″.
The compound bow has a draw weight between 20-60 LBS.
This means that this bow is suitable for small children, too. Your child can grow with this bow.
If you notice that your child is struggling to draw the bow the first few inches, then the bow is too strong for your child and you have to adjust the draw weight.

The bow is right hand only!
Above 25 LBS the bow is strong enough to hunt small and above 40 LBS it can even hunt big game easily, so if you are a bow hunter, this should be the first hunting bow for your kid.

Don’t forget to buy some arrows with the bow!

Get it here for a phenomenal price.

The Choice Is Yours

I have shown you some of my favorite youth archery sets for kids, but it is up to you, of course, to make the final decision.

You can find more great sets and bows at

Let me know if I can help you more to make up your mind and find the perfect bow or set for yourself or your kids.
If you saw a bow, but you are not sure whether it is good or not, don’t hesitate to write me and I will have a look and give you my professional opinion about it.

I hope you are having a wonderful time.

Happy shooting!


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Chris Evans

Excellent article. I can remember taking part in archery in school camp as a 11 year old. I was surprised ( and a little put off ) by how difficult it actually is. Nice to see they have set equipment for kids now.


    Hi Chris!
    How’s it going?
    Yes, it is great that it’s easier now for the little ones to get started with archery.
    I recently wrote a bit more detailed about youth archery sets. Have a look at my post about youth archery sets for kids!
    Have a great day.


This is going to be awesome. I am thinking my friends Cub Scout and Boy Scout troop will have a ball with this. Going to forward this now. Do you have a Facebook group/ page/


    Hey William,
    great to hear that!
    Check out my post about youth archery sets in general, too.
    I don’t have a facebook group for myarcherycorner yet.
    But will make one in the future.


I really enjoyed this article and you have convinced me in to possibly buying the barnett vortex in the near future.


    Hi Yunier,
    great choice. I hope you will enjoy your future bow.
    If you have any questions about it or about archery in general, be sure to come back here and ask.


I had a fibreglass recurve bow many, many years back. It was great. I don’t know the technical data, but it was quite powerful.
Archery is an inexpensive sport and hobby to test out for a beginner. This post has given me an idea to get my son away from the computer for a while. Cheers.


    Yes, get your son away from the computer!
    Archery is a great sport and no matter if someone is in a good physical condition or not, he will be able to practice archery.
    There are so many health benefits of archery.
    Have a look here at my post about youth archery sets for kids, too.


These look like great bows. My daughter and I made her a bow out of willow a couple years ago. We had lots of fun hunting for a nice piece, debarking it, shaping it and letting it dry. It turned out to be a nice bow. We have yet to make arrows for it.

The bows you have reviewed look like ones my daughters would like, maybe we will purchase them one soon 🙂


    Hello Andrea,

    I still remember my first bow very well. I made it together with a friend.
    Of course we had no idea what we were doing, but it still worked great and we had a lot of fun. We actually made many bows and our arrows were just some thin, sharpened sticks, without fletching (feathers), but still flew well enough.
    The challenge was to find sticks that were straight enough.

    I am planning to teach how to make simple (survival) bows in the future, but this will still take a while.

    In the meantime I do recommend to get one of these youth archery sets, because they have everything your daughter will need to have a great start and experience with archery.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.



Hello Moritz,
You have brought back many fond memories of Wednesday night with the boys club archery sessions. I loved going to those.
Archery has really come a long way since then.
I agree with you about the safety first, never leave children to their own devices until they are well school in safety, even then watch them.



    Hi San,

    I really love archery a lot and it is very important that we make sure that our kids are safe when they practice archery.

    Do you still shoot with a bow sometimes?

    Let me know how it goes!



I am looking for something to interest my grandchild who is 10. I need to get him off those games and social sites. He is too young to be sitting in the house vegetating. At his age he should be doing stuff outside.
I think the bow and arrow would be a great option to get him involved in outside activities.
I have a question. I would need to get him the beginner bow set. Do they work for both left and right hand? He is left-handed. My son is also left handed. We will have to get both of them a set to practice with so I don’t want to buy something that is difficult to use..Of course he would need a bigger bow, I just want to make sure it is comfortable to use.


    Hello Kitty,

    I agree that your grandchild should be outside more, especially at his age of 10.
    When I was that young I spent most of my time in the forest or in the garden of our house.

    Archery would be a great idea for your grandchild and your son, too.

    The Bear Archery Set I reviewed here is for both right AND left handed people.
    Be aware, though, that in archery it is not the hand that dictates which bow you need. You have to find out which is the dominant eye of the archer!
    I explain this in my archery training. Make sure you check this, before you buy a bow.

    A great left hand bow for your son would be the Samick Sage Recurve Bow.
    If your son is not very strong (normal build), he should start with a 30-35 LBS bow (draw weight). You can choose the draw weight when you follow the link above.

    If it should turn out, that your son’s dominant eye is the right one, then you can just choose the right hand version of the Samick Sage Recurve Bow.

    Let me know if you have further questions.




I remember trying out archery in summer camp when I was a kid…it was fun but kind of hard because I didn’t have a lot of upper body strength. And my son just tried it out last year in Cubscouts and seemed to enjoy it. This year they will be doing archery again. He is in 4th grade but he’s a little guy – people usually think he’s about 7 years old. He’s very athletic, plays a lot of sports (flag football, soccer, basketball, and jui jitsu), but other than that one time, he doesn’t do archery. So although he’s athletic, I’m not sure how much upper body strength he has. So with all of this in mind, what bow would you recommend for him that’s in the $20-$30 range?



    I think that your boy should be able to easily handle the first two bows I reviewed here on this page.
    Please be aware that the first bow is more like a toy for very young archers and your boy will be too old and too strong for that bow quickly.

    The second bow will keep up with your son longer and if he doesn’t like the color, there are other colors available when you click on the image.

    Both of those bows are in your price range and I can absolutely recommend them for you, but please keep my opinion I wrote above in mind.

    The last bow is definitaly the best bow out of the three, but its price is higher of course.

    I would advise to either get one of the first two bows or try to borrow a bow from an archery range to see what draw weights your son can already pull.

    After that you will have a better idea of which bow suits your boy best.
    But if your son really loves archery and wants to shoot for many years, then the Bear Apprentice III is the best bow for him, as it will grow with him and he can use it even when he gets taller and stronger.

    I hope that helped you make a decision.



Jennifer B

This is truly some great information! I remember my first experience with any form of bow was in my high school gym class, now my husband and I have been eyeing compound bows.

You really provided a great variety of options here for all skill levels, and its good that you state upfront that it should be treated with respect, because could still do harm, no matter what skill level. Overall great read!



    When you are interested in compound bows, please check out my article about compound bows.

    I also have reviewed a few compound bows like the SAS Rage Compound Bow or the PSE Stinger Compound Bow.

    Both are great for beginners and advanced archers.
    Let me know what you think about them and when you need any further help.




Great information on some of the best youth archery sets.

I remember trying archery at school and it was a lot of fun. The concentration that is needed is great for kids. It was rather hard and I was not the best at it.

I have a younger cousin who has taken an interest, so I will his parents know of your site which is full of great content.




    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your kind words and recommendation.

    Archery is a great sport for everyone. Young and old. I absolutely love it when kids start with archery. Gets them outside and away fromg their phones or consoles

    If you or your cousin have any questions, just shoot me a message.

    All the best


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