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The Bear Archery Montana Longbow

Bear Archery Montana Longbow

Taking a closer look at the Bear Archery Montana Longbow made me realize what a fantastic longbow it actually is! Bear Archery Montana Longbow

It uses modern technology in such a smart way that the traditional aspect of archery does not get lost even a bit.

Read on to learn everything you should know about the Montana Longbow before you buy one:


Moritz Image

Hey, I am Moritz and I am a huge fan of instinctive archery.
Whenever I get the chance I leave my modern bows at home to go out and have some fun with my Montana Longbow.

You just have to try it yourself to understand what I mean!

Quick Overview Of The Bow

Bear Archery Montana Longbow

Bear Archery Montana Longbow

Name: Bear Archery Montana Longbow
Bow Type: Longbow
AMO Bow Length: 64″
Draw Weights: 45, 50, 55, 60 LBS
Draw Length: 26″- 28″
Arrow Rest/Shelf: Yes
Bow Tips: Reinforced
Sight: No
Availability: Right Hand
Materials Used: “Future Wood”, White Maple, Black Fiberglass, Leather
Bowstring: D97 Flemish String
Best Place To Buy:

Let’s Take A Closer Look Now

The Montana Longbow has a bow length of 64″.
The AMO length was used for measuring the bow which means that the actual length would be 61″. When using the AMO way, we measure the string on a strung bow and add 3 inches!
Be careful when you buy a new string.
Some strings will say AMO 64″, others will just say 64″.
For the Montana Longbow, you either need an AMO 64″ or a normal 61″ bowstring.

Keep that in mind if you need a new string for your bow to save you some confusion.

At the moment there are three draw weights available.
45, 50 and 55 LBS.
These draw weights mean, that the bow is not that beginner friendly. It can be too difficult for an archery novice to draw this bow.
The good thing about the draw weights is, that it makes the bow very powerful and fast.
The bow has also a little reflex/deflex which makes it even faster and more powerful.
It is perfect for traditional bow hunters.
Just get a nice broadhead arrow and you are ready to hunt.

Unfortunately, I only could find the right handed version for now.
Left handed archers will have to get another longbow like the Ozark Hunter Longbow (located at the end of that page).

Bear Archery Montana Longbow Grip

Montana Longbow Grip


I absolutely love the look of the bow!
The black and white of the limbs look very classy and the riser with the leather grip gives it a traditional touch and feel.
Instead of an arrow rest like recurve bows or compound bows have, this longbow features an arrow shelf to make it easier to control the loaded arrow.
The arrow shelf is covered with leather, too, which doesn’t slow down the arrow when it leaves the bow.

The tips of the bow are reinforced and can handle high-performance string materials. You don’t need to use the included Flemish String if you want to use a modern bowstring.
But know that the Flemish String is a fantastic and powerful bowstring.

The Montana Longbow is a traditional bow, so it doesn’t feature any bow sight.
Instead, you will have to shoot and aim instinctively.

What Is It Like To Shoot The Bear Archery Montana

That’s the first thought that came to my mind when trying the Montana Longbow.

The leather grip feels great and very comfortable.

The bow is designed in a way that hand shock is almost non-existent, which increases the accuracy of the bow immensely.
It also lets you shoot the bow for a long time without tiring too quickly.

Besides being unbelievably smooth, it is also super silent!

I couldn’t believe that a bow of that draw weight could be that silent without using any string silencers.

Of course, you need to be able to draw the bow. But if you can handle the minimum of 45 LBS you won’t find another longbow that has such a smooth draw and release like the Bear Archery Montana Longbow.
It actually surprised me when I tried to draw it for the first time!

Even though its draw weight was higher than from my old longbow, it was easier to draw!

From that, you can see what difference a high-quality bow can make.

I recommend that you get the bow if your draw length is at least 26″.
If it’s 26″ or higher you will have a blast shooting the Montana Longbow.
If your draw length under 26″ I would recommend getting another bow.

Here’s a great and detailed video about the Bear Montana Longbow:

Why I Still Love Traditional Archery Best

I do own a recurve bow and have shot with compound bows many times, too.
But deep in my heart, I am still the traditional archer I became when I started with archery more than 10 years ago.

Traditional archery means to me, that every bullseye I hit has come from me!
There is no technical stuff that makes it easier for me.
It is only the bow and my skill that makes the arrow fly toward the target.
I can totally lose myself in the routine of drawing and releasing so that I forget all the worries of the real world for some time.
It is very relaxing and my favorite way of finding my peace of mind.

And it is even more fun and relaxing with the Montana Longbow.
I have never shot with such an ease and precision like with that bow here.

Conclusion: The Montana Longbow Is A Fantastic Longbow!

Moritz ImageI think the Montana Longbow is worth every cent!
Of all longbows I have shot in my life, I had the most fun with this one.
True, you can be a successful archer with a cheaper bow, but once you have shot a high-quality boy you will know the difference and will never look back.

If you want a powerful longbow, that has a smooth draw and release, has no real hand shock and is accurate like no other longbow, the Bear Archery Montana Longbow is the right bow for you.

There is actually nothing really bad I can say about the bow itself.
It is only sad, that there seems to be no left handed version available for now.

What do you think?

Have you ever shot this bow or any other longbow?
Or do you prefer shooting recurve bows or compound bows?

Leave a comment below and tell me.

Have fun with your new longbow!



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AK Archer

I have shot the bear Montana from 45#-60# and I can tell you that it is an extremely accurate bow I shoot a Hoyt buffalo which is a premium hunting recurve at 55 and 65 pound limbs and the Montana kept up with my buffalo as far as accuracy and I was surprised at how quick just 45# was but hot dam if you are strong enough to anchor and properly shoot the 60 pounder it’s very smooth to draw and wow is it fast and is accurate for long range my brothers 45 pounder Montana was chronographed at 155fps so I can imagine that the 60 I was shooting was in the 190s just an excellent and way better than some of the way more expensive longbows I have shot definitely best bang for your buck


    thanks for your great feedback.
    I was away for a while so I couldn’t reply earlier. Sorry for that. 🙂
    Absolutely agree with what you are saying here!
    Happy shooting.


Nice review of the Bear Montana, especially your very clear advice on ordering replacement strings. I copied the information into my photographs file for future reference. Thanks, Mark


    Hi Mark.

    You are very welcome. Can you let me know once you got yourself a Bear Montana?
    I’d love to hear what you think about it once you have used it yourself!

    All the best,


I just bought this bow today 50 lbs it’s awesome thanks for the great review


    Hey Mark.
    That’s great to hear. I hope you’ll have a lot of fun and success with your new bow!
    It would be great to hear from you again once you have used it a couple of times.

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