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My Favorite Martin Archery Recurve Bows

Holding a modern recurve bow.

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Looking at Martin Archery Recurve Bows always makes it difficult to make a decision.
Which one should I get?

They just have too many great bows.  That being said you can hardly go wrong with bows from Martin Archery.

Introducing Today’s Competitors

On the one side, we have the Martin Archery Jaguar Elite. It has a draw weight of 40 LBS and is only available for right-handed archers.
On the other side, we will talk about the Martin Archery Sabre Bow. Its draw weight is 30 LBS and can also only be bought in the right-handed version for now.

Both bows are takedown recurve bows.
If you think their draw weights are too low or too high, you can easily upgrade them by getting different limbs.

Let’s dive right into it:

The Martin Archery Jaguar Elite Recurve Bow

Name: Martin Archery Jaguar Elite
Bow Type: Takedown Recurve Bow
Draw Weight: 29 – 55 LBS (can be changed by getting different limbs)
Draw Length: 22″ – 24″
Bow Length (AMO): 60″
Bow Weight: 2.6 lb
Best Price:

Shooting with the Jaguar Elite is super smooth!

When I tried the Jaguar Elite recurve bow, I found that its draw was pretty smooth and I had no problem shooting with good accuracy.
40 LBS draw weight can be a bit too much if you are just getting started, so you might want to get one with a lower draw weight first.
But when you already have some experience or are of a stronger build you will have great fun with this bow.
To make sure you don’t overdo yourself, don’t get a bow with a draw weight that is too much for you.

Even though I am still mostly into traditional archery, I liked the grip of the bow.
It is of hard rubber which will make sure that you can hold on easily. Even if your hand or the bow is wet, you don’t have to worry about dropping the bow.

With only 2.6 lb the bow is one of the lighter ones and you will notice that quickly.
It’s no problem to carry it around for a longer archery session on the archery range or when hunting in the woods.
That is a huge advantage!

Aiming with a bow at archery targets.

And if you ever feel that the 40 LBS is too much or too less draw weight, you can easily upgrade the bow to a higher or lower draw weight.
Just get a new set of limbs and replace the old ones quickly and without much effort.

This bow is great for you when your draw length is between 22″ and 24″.

The Martin Archery Jaguar Elite Recurve Bow has a modern look without looking as futuristic as a compound bow.

You won’t regret getting this bow when you bear the things in mind I wrote above.
You get a lot of bow for a fair price which will keep you happy for many years to come.

Note: The bow in the video is the predecessor of the Jaguar Elite.
The Jaguar Elite is the improved version of the bow in the video.

The Martin Archery Sabre Recurve Bow

Name: Martin Archery Sabre
Bow Type: Takedown Recurve Bow
Draw Weight: 30 – 55 LBS (can be changed by getting different limbs)
Draw Length: 24″ –  26″
Bow Length (AMO): 64″
Bow Weight: 3.4 lb
Best Price:

The Sabre outshines many of its direct competitors

While having a lower draw weight, I enjoyed shooting the Sabre Recurve Bow a bit more than the Jaguar Elite.
This might be just my personal preference, but it just felt a little smoother.

The bow is 4″ longer and, because of that, has a higher draw length, too.
Make sure you only get this one, when it fits your draw length.

With 3.4 lb it is a bit heavier than its competitor, but that is something I liked!
I prefer having some weight in my hands when handling a bow. It gives me a stronger feeling of power.
Not everybody will feel like this, of course.

The grip is similar to the Jaguar Elite and has the same advantage, that you won’t drop the bow easily.

Don’t let the 30 LBS stand in your way.
The Sabre Recurve Bow is a takedown bow and you can get some new limbs with a higher draw weight and won’t have to buy a whole new bow when it gets too easy to draw it.

The prices vary depending on the draw weight. Look up your desired draw weight here.
Its quality is definitely good enough to give you a great archery experience for many years.

The Sabre Recurve Bow sure will make you smile like this archer:

A Look At The Differences And Similarities

You have noticed, of course, that the two bows we are talking about today are quite similar.

They are both takedown bows.
This is great for transport or when you want to change the draw weight of the bows.

But you have to take the bow length and with that the draw length into consideration.
This is the main factor on which you should make your decision.
Another thing you have to think about is the bow weight.
One is a bit heavier than the other, which can make a difference depending on where and how long you shoot the bow.

Lastly, there is a different look, which is up to your liking.
You will have to decide which one looks better in your eyes.

How About Additional Equipment?

Both bows can be easily customized and equipped with all sorts of equipment.
You can attach stabilizers, bow quivers, and sights like the TruGlo Single Pin Sight or the Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Sight without any problems.
The bushings are already there and preinstalled.

 Who Takes Home The Winner’s Trophy?

Moritz ImageWell, for me it is the Sabre Recurve Bow because I felt more comfortable shooting it.
The differences between the bows are rather small, so please feel free to choose which one you like more.

For the people who agree with me, they can get a Marting Sabre Bow.

However, there is nothing wrong with the Jaguar Elite Bow.
It is up to personal preference.

Before you leave…

…let me know which one you chose and why.

Just put some lines below in the comments and I would be happy to discuss those great bows with you.

Talk to you soon.

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Hi, it’s a great explanation.
I am looking for the Martin Jaguar takedown bow.
But what is the difference between the elite version and the normal Martin Jaguar?
I also heard of limb problems.


    the Elite is the newest version of the Jaguar.
    The only real difference is in its design and that it is a bit lighter.

    Most limb problems are caused by wrong handling.
    You have to be careful when you string the bow (use a stringer) and never fire it without an arrow.

    Then the limbs will not have any problem for a long time.



Chris Henderson

Just happened by because I’m having a hard time finding specs on the riser length for the Jaguar Elite, but I can tell you I chose the Jaguar Elite because it accepts ILF limbs. Put a couple of TradTech Black Max 2 limbs on this thing and a good FF string and it’s quite as a mouse fart.


    Hello Chris,

    The Martin Archery Jaguar Elite is a fantastic bow! Great to hear that you like it as much as I do.
    Interestingly, I can’t find the riser length online either and I don’t have the bow here where I live now.

    And having some awesome limbs with a fantastic string is the best treatment for such a bow.
    Your set up sounds great.

    Keep enjoying shooting with your Jaguar Elite bow.


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