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Get A Chest Guard For Archery

By Moritz

easton diamond chest guard

There are a few reasons why you should get a chest guard for archery, no matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced archer.
Keep on reading to find out how a chest guard will improve your archery experience:

A Look At The Easton Diamond Chest Guardeaston diamond chest guard

Name: Easton Diamond Chest Guard
Availability: Right and Left Hand
Material: Air Mesh
Sizes: X-Small, Medium, Large, XX-Large
Color: White/Black
Best place to buy:

Like all chest guards, the Easton Diamond Chest Guard will protect your chest from getting hurt by the bowstring.
You can get it in several sizes and for both sides, right and left.
The color is a mix of white and black.

Who Needs A Chest Guard?

The question is who really needs a chest guard.
Is this a protective archery equipment everybody should have?

The answer is that it can not hurt (pun intended) to have a chest guard. Especially beginners who haven’t found the right technique yet can hurt themselves when shooting a bow.
When you have the feeling that your chest can get in the way of the bowstring you should really think of getting some protection.

This is also important for women and I highly recommend it to every woman who wants to participate in archery.
A bowstring shoots forward with a lot of speed and power. Imagine it hits your breast at full speed.
That would cause serious pain you could have prevented with a chest guard.

Also when you are shooting outside on a windy day, your clothes could get entangled in the string which can also cause injuries to yourself or damage your clothes or bow.

Getting this kind of guard can help everybody whose chest gets in the way of the string or keep the clothes under control.

chest guard for archery

Archer using a chest guard. Used under creative commons from: Simon Williams

How Does A Chest Guard Work?

It is both easy to use and very effective.

Just make sure that you buy the correct one.
A right handed archer needs a right-hand chest guard.
While they are called “right-hand chest guard” they are actually slung over the left shoulder and protect the left side of your chest!

This is because when you pull the string back with your right hand, it can never get in contact with the right side of your chest.
The only part in danger is the left side of your chest. That’s why this part gets the protection.

If you are a left handed archer it is all the other way around, of course.

So all you have to do is slip the arm that is holding the bow through the whole of the chest guard, pull the strap around your body and fasten it.

Make sure it fits tight but still lets you breathe and always wear it on top of your other clothes!
Like I said above the chest guard also helps you to keep your clothes out of the way of the bowstring.

Hear what Tony Swift (gold medal in archery) has to say about the chest guard/protector, the arm guard, the finger sling and the finger tab:

Do I Use A Chest Guard?

Yes and no!
I mainly use it to keep my clothes under control when it is windy or when I have to wear a lot on a cold day.
On a warm or hot day, I don’t use it, but that is because my chest is rather flat.

But I would always start shooting a bow with a chest guard!
As a beginner, you just don’t know whether you need one or not and it is always better to be safe than sorry.
The same is true for an arm guard, by the way.

When you have been shooting for some time and you notice that the string never gets in contact with your chest guard and you feel uncomfortable wearing it, then you can try shooting without it.
But when you don’t mind wearing it, I think it would be better to wear it all the time just in case.
On a windy day, I would always wear it for the reasons I explained above.

Where To Get A Chest Guard

Moritz ImageI added this chest guard to my article here because it’s the one I am using.
It is very comfortable and easy to wear.

How do you feel about chest guards?
Are you using them or do you think you don’t need them?


Let me know in the comments below.

Happy and safe hunting!


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