Bowfishing Kit - Bowfishing With A Recurve Bow

Bowfishing Kit – Bowfishing With A Recurve Bow

A freshly caught fish.

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So, you are interested in bowfishing, right?
What if I told you that there is a bowfishing kit that makes bowfishing with a recurve bow a breeze?

Continue reading and you will know why I love this recurve bow:

The Recurve Bow Especially Designed For Fishing Cajun Bowfishing Fish Stick Bowfishing Bow Package with Drum Reel, Roller Rest, and Piranha Point Arrow, Right Hand, Red

Name: Cajun Fish Stick
Bow Type: Recurve Bow
Draw Weight: 45 LBS
Available For: Right Hand
Colors: Red
Kit Includes: Bowfishing Drum Reel with line, Roller Arrow Rest, Arrow with Piranha Point, Finger Savers
Best Place To Buy:

This bow is perfect if you want to use your archery skills on fish and pull them out easily after each hit.

A Look At The Bow

Taking a closer look at the bow, you can see that it is a takedown bow.
This means that the limbs of the bow can be taken off the bow (without tools!) for easier transport, or you can get new/stronger ones if needed.

The draw weight of 45 lbs is more than enough for most fish and most archers with at least some experience will be able to draw it.

Please note that this bow is only available for right-handed archers at the moment!

The riser of this recurve bow is made of aluminum.

An arrow rest is already included and attached to give the bowfisher more comfort when getting ready to loose an arrow.

No Fishing Without A Fishing Reel

Every serious fisherman or fisherwoman needs a fishing reel.

The reel is attached to the bow but doesn’t get in the way when aiming and shooting at the fish.
After a hit, you use the bow and reel just like you would use a fishing rod to bring the fish in.

The drum reel that comes with the bow is rather basic. It’s enough to get started but if you find yourself going bowfishing regularly, you should consider upgrading to a more advanced reel.
You can get one from Cajun like this one:

Cajun Bowfishing Winch Pro Reel Bowfishing Kit - Ultimate Bowfishing Bundle Including Winch Pro Reel, 25 yards of 250 lbs. of Line, 2 Arrows W/Piranha Points, Slides, Stops, and Brush Fire Arrow Rest

Piranha Point Arrows – Perfect For Bowfishing

There is one fishing arrow included in the set, so you might want to purchase some extra arrows for backup should the arrow break.

Piranha points are specially made for fish with soft flesh. Where other arrows might get loose, this arrow will hold on to the fish until you have brought it in safely.
If you think now that it will be difficult to remove the arrow, don’t worry

All you need to do is to turn the tip twice and the barb will fold in the opposite direction which will make it easy for you to pull out the arrow.

What Are This Finger Savers All About? Cajun Bowfishing Fish Stick Bowfishing Bow Package with Drum Reel, Roller Rest, and Piranha Point Arrow, Right Hand, Red

Do not mistake the finger guard for a finger tab or shooting glove.
It is something completely different.

When you look closely at the picture, you will notice that there is black rubber above
and below the nock where you place your fingers (they might come in another color when buying the bow).

These are finger savers and they do two things:

First, they will protect your fingers from the string, so you don’t need another protector like a tab.
Second, they help you greatly when your fingers are wet (remember: we are fishing!) because the string will not slip from your fingers.

Every bowfisher should have finger savers like these and in this set, it is already included!

The Good And The Bad

Moritz ImageI think you can tell, that I love the Cajun Archery Fish Stick Set.

It includes everything you need to get started with bowfishing.

The only negatives would be that it is only available for right-handed archers and that the included drum reel is rather basic.

Besides that it is perfect!

It is lightweight and easy to shoot with.

Even though the finger guard is just a small detail, its impact on your bowfishing experience will be huge!
Once you have used it, you don’t want to miss it anymore!

Share Your Experience

I am looking forward to hearing your opinion about this bowfishing kit or if you have ever gone bowfishing with a recurve bow.

Always make sure that bowfishing is allowed in your country or state.
I know that it is not allowed in some places.
If you have any questions about this kit or about bowfishing in general, leave a comment below.

Have a great day!

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Randy Johnson

I never use my recurve bow for fishing, look like it’s great! Do you know any place i can try in Dallas?


    Hello Randy.
    Welcome to My Archery Corner.
    Bowfishing is absolutely fantastic. When you follow the link in my article you will find some really great equipment for bowfishing.

    About your question:
    First you will need a fishing licence. Then you can go almost everywhere in Texas to do some bowfishing.
    Make sure to check the regulations first, though.
    There are also guided bowfishing tours, but I don’t really think you should pay for something you can do for free.
    Not sure about exact spots for bowfishing, as I have never been to Dallas, but as long as you follow the regulations I am sure you can find many good spots for bowfishing.

    Happy hunting and fishing!

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