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Arrow Quiver Types – Quick Access To Your Arrows

G4Free Back Pot Quiver

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An archer without an arrow quiver is like a knight without an armor!

No matter where you see archers; in the movies or on the archery range, they will all have some kind of quiver that holds their arrows for gaining quick access to them.

While they all have the same purpose, there are quite a few different types of quivers and I want to talk about the most common ones:

Side Or Hip Quiver

Like the name suggests, this kind of quiver is attached to the side/hip of the archer. Side and hip quivers are the same!
Often a belt can be pulled through loops of the quiver, to pin it to the side of the archer. Other hip quivers have a sort of hook that can be used to fasten it to the pants of the archer.

No matter which way they use, they all are great quivers, because it is so easy to pull out an arrow from them and load your bow.

Easton Flipside 4 Tube Hip Quiver

Easton Flipside 4 Tube Hip Quiver

A side quiver will never get in your way and you can put it on your right or left side. It doesn’t really matter with which hand you draw your bow, you can decide for yourself on which side it is more convenient for you to put the quiver.

Modern quivers often have tubes inside to keep your arrows sorted and easier to pull out.

One great side quiver is the Easton Flipside 4 Tube Hip Quiver.

It can be worn on the right and left side and has additional pockets where you can put in tools like a rangefinder, string wax, etc.

Get the Easton Flipside 4 Tube Hip Quiver directly from


Back Quiver

Back quivers are the most famous quivers, as we all know them from books and movies. They are great quivers and is just looks cool when you use one!

I personally prefer the side quivers, but this is just because I am used to them.

G4Free Back Pot Quiver

G4Free Back Pot Quiver

Back quivers can also be used for right and left handed archers, they just have to be slung over the correct shoulder to make access to your arrows as easy as possible.

The best back quiver I found is the G4Free Back Pot Quiver.

There are cheaper back quivers, but this quiver can store up to 24 arrows, has several pouches and is made of very durable micro fiber.

It can not be used as a side quiver!

Don’t use it with broadhead arrows as you can damage the material easily with them.

Get the G4Free Back Pot Quiver for a special price only on


Bow Quiver

A bow quiver gets attached directly at the bow and is mostly used by compound bow archers.
Recurve bow archers use those quivers, too, but I personally have never seen a longbow archer using this kind of quiver.
(There are bow quivers for longbows, but they are just not used my many longbow archers.)

Bow quivers have the advantage, that your arrows are very near to your hands all the time. It is a very short way to your next arrow, if you need to shoot multiple arrows in a short period of time.

TruGlo Carbon XS 5 Quiver

TruGlo Carbon XS 5 Quiver

A disadvantage of the bow quiver is, that most of them only hold 4-6 arrows at a time. If you want to lose many arrows when practising, you have to go and pick them up again after only a few shots, or need another quiver as a reserve.

The TruGlo Carbon XS 5 Quiver can hold up to 5 arrows at a time and gets attached to your sight.
This means that it fits on almost every bow.
It is easy to use and very sturdy.
The perfect bow quiver for hunting and archery practice.


Get the TruGlo Carbon XS 5 Quiver directly from

Traditional Quivers

Many archers love the traditional aspect of archery and want to use traditional (looking) equipment.

OMP Mountain Man Quiver

OMP Mountain Man Quiver

You can find traditional back and side quivers of all sizes and prices.

They have the same functionality like the modern quivers, but give you completely different feeling when you use them.

One example is the OMP Mountain Man Quiver, which can be used as a back and as a side quiver!

Traditional quivers usually don’t have tubes in them so you need to be careful not to damage your quiver with your arrowheads.

I wouldn’t use broadheads while using a traditional quiver.

Get the OMP Mountain Man Quiver and more traditional quivers directly from

The Right Quiver For You

Like with most other things, you will be the one who has to make the final decision.

I offered you all the facts about the most common arrow quiver types, and now you have to choose the best quiver for yourself.
Some people even don’t use quivers, and hold them in their hand while shooting, or stick them into the ground when they don’t change position when shooting their bow.
This is also viable, but not the best practice in my opinion.

I will be happy to help you to make your decision!
Let me know in the comments if you have problems choosing a quiver, or if you have any question about them.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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Dave Sweney

Thanks for the extensive article on the types of quivers out there and where and who uses which…

I am more a novice that is a just for fun fan of the sport. I have a brother who is into it a lot more than me and annually goes out for hunting season in Minnesota…

I will pass this site and post on to him so he can check it out, he will really appreciate the depth that you have gone into here, and likely will also add a comment or two!




    Hello Dave.

    Thank you for leaving a comment and sharing the site with your brother.

    If one of you ever have a question, feel free to ask me or have a look around on my site.
    I am sure I will be able to help.

    All the best!



hello, im kevin, i have a question for broadheads arrows what type of quiver would you use
i am begining to use regular arrows but will soon practice using broadheads

thank you


    Hello Kevin.
    Sorry for my late reply. I was on a vacation.
    Bow quivers, like the one I wrote about above, are usually good for broadhead arrows.
    You have to make sure that the material can not be cut too easily by the arrow tip.

Mercer Gideon

Hey, You can just call me Mercer. I’m looking for a type of back Quiver that will allow me to run and at least bend over without my arrows falling out… I have a total of 64 arrows. Practice arrows. I do not go hunting, but I still do practice and training. I’m not old enough to wield a gun, so I will use my next favorite thing. I am skilled with a bow, But I’de like to have more mobility…

I would normally go to Bass Pro for something like this, but would you happen to have any suggestions? I leave on monday to go arrow/quiver shopping. (Birthday) 😛

Thank you for reading.


    Hi Mercer.
    How is it going?
    I am out in the woods this weekend, so I have to keep this a bit shorter. (Typing on the phone.) 😉

    One way would be to get a high quality leather quiver and “break it in”.
    There is a very nice blog about it here.
    He describes there what you need to do with the quiver to keep in the arrows, even when bending over.
    But those leather quivers are costly.

    Another trick is to put some foam at the bottom of any quiver.
    When putting the arrows in, they get stuck in the foam and won’t come out by themselves.

    Going to Bass Pro is a good idea. There you can try the quivers before buying one.

    I would love hearing from you, once you got yourself a new quiver.

    Have a great Birthday. 🙂


      Mercer Gideon

      Thank you so much for the reply!

      I actually made my own quiver today out of cardboard, duct tape and some straps. It works well. But I will totally try out the foam suggestion. As well as looking into a leather quiver that suits my style.

      You seem like a cool guy. I look forward to coming back go this site and speaking to you about archery tips and tricks. 😀

      Thank you again. Happy hunting!


        No worries. 🙂
        That’s really awesome that you made your own quiver!
        Maybe you can send me a picture of it?

        Do come back anytime and we have a chat. I always try to answer as quickly as possible.
        I have written many articles about archery on this site. I am sure you can find many helpful tips here, which we can discuss. 🙂
        I am also planning to restructure my site a bit, so that it gets easier to find all the posts.

        What bow are you using at the moment?


Mercer Gideon

Suggestion, you have a typo at the bottom of your page. You just spelt “Practicing” wrong.

“Dear archery enthusiast,

I am glad you found my archery corner. Here I discuss and explain many topics all around my favorite activity.
I have been practising archery for over 10 years and love to share my experiences with everybody who is interested in archery. Find out more about me…”

Sorry. Very minor.


    Thank you very much.

    Fixed it. 🙂


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