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Youth Archery Sets For Kids – A Fun And Safe Way For Your Kids To Start With Archery

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A child shooting a bow

First time with a compound bow. Used under creative commons from: Tim Donovan

The best way to let your kids start with archery is to get one of the great youth archery sets for kids you can buy at many shops.

Your kids usually look up to you and when they see that you like doing something they want to try it, too.
Now, archery can be a quite dangerous sport and the bow you are using will be too long, too heavy and too difficult to draw for them.
In the following article I will show you how you can make it easy and SAFE for your kids to start with a hobby you love and you are going to have a wonderful time with your loved ones, when you can practice this great sport together.

What Do Kids Need?

Generally speaking, they need the same as adults do.
They will need protective archery gear a bow and some arrows. But you have to keep in mind that they are shorter and most likely weaker than you are.
So you need everything you have, if you are an archer, but compatible to their size.

  1. The bow
    This is obviously the first thing you have to think about. What does your child prefer? A longbow or a recurve bow or even a compound bow?
    The chosen bow has to have a lower draw weight. Depending on your childs strength between 10 and 25 LBS.
  2. Arrows and safety gear
    Like I mentioned above you need to protect your child from harm and therefore have to get all the safety gear adult archers use, too.
    Make sure to get a finger tab or archery glove, a chest guard and a arm guard.
    As for the arrows, you are best advised to get arrows that don’t bend or break easily, while being cheap. I would go for carbon or fiber glass arrows.
    Wooden arrows are cheap, but have to be handled with care as they can break and splinter easily.
  3. Archery target
    Your child needs something to shoot at. The good thing is that simple targets are cheap and don’t need to withstand a lot of power, as the bow of your child won’t have as much strength as bigger bows.
  4. Backstop
    Head over to my safety guide to learn about backstop netting or alternative ways of catching arrows that miss the target.
    You need a way of stopping arrows to keep others safe, too.
Boy shooting a recurve bow.

Shooting the recurve bow. Used under creative commons from: Dark Dwarf

The Perfect Solution – Get One Of The Great Youth Archery Sets For Your Kids

Youth Archery Sets for kids have everything your child needs to get started with archery.
They come at least with a bow and some arrows. Many sets have safety gear and even a target included.

All you need to do is to choose the correct draw weight suitable for your child.
If your child is very young, under 8 years, i would go for 10-15 LBS draw weight. Of course there are always exceptions for children who are already taller or stronger than other kids of the same age.

Most children older than 8 years should be able to draw bows between 15 and 20 LBS.
Only if your child is really strong for its age I would consider getting a bow with 25 LBS, but to be on the safe side, I would recommend a bow below 25 LBS.

There are many different types of sets. You can get longbows (they are rather short for kids ;)), recurve bows and even compound bows.
Show your child all the bows and let it decide which one it wants to get.

How About Very Young Archers – Is It Safe For Them To Start With Archery?

You know your kids best and whether they are already responsible or not.
An arrow with a real arrow head might be too dangerous for a very young archer. Luckily there are blunt or safety arrows for kids. They have a special arrow head that is soft and not pointed to reduce the risk of injuries.

Always be a good role model to your children and teach them the right, safe and respectful handling of bow and arrow.

Archery can be a lot of fun, but only if your kids stay safe while shooting a bow.

Group of young archers

Having fun with archery. Used under creative commons from: vastateparksstaff

Fantastic Youth Archery Sets For Any Budget

I had a look at some archery sets and want to present you the ones I think are the best for your kids.

Some of them are very cheap but still of a acceptable quality.
If you want to raise future professional archers, you might want to spend a little bit more.

Head over to my reviews for great youth archery sets for your children.

Now that you know a great way for your kids to start with archery, I want you to share your great hobby with your kids and have a wonderful time together.
There is nothing greater than having something that exciting and fun in common with your kids.

Have a great day and if you have any question or want to share your experience with youth archery sets, feel free to leave a comment below and I will answer you as fast as possible.



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Hi Moritz – Great article. Anything that gets kids away from their Xbox or play-station is good in my book. The text on your youth archery sets for kids is very informative with good and relevant links.
Keep on posting


    Hi Mark,
    thank you for your comment and kind words.
    I do agree with you that kids have to get outside much more than they usually do now. When I was a kid I spent much of my free time outside in a forest.
    If you want to know more about youth archery sets have a look at my recommendations here.

Riaz Shah

Another great post Moritz, I’ve always loved your archery stories!
I never knew kids can take up archery too, definitely a good sport that I’ll make my children do instead of growing up with video games. There aren’t any archery shops where I’m from and if you have to drive 45 minutes just to get to the nearest shop outside the city but i do hope tha tsomeone would open up a club here. Speaking of which, you should totally open up your own archery range 😀


    Hi Riaz,
    thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂
    It is a great sport for children.
    If taught right it can help them train their body and mind while teaching them responsibility at the same time.

    Where do you live?
    Opening an archery range would be fantastic! We’ll see what the future holds. 😉
    I have a big project planned: I am going to hunt down as many archery clubs and ranges as possible and build a directory here on my site.
    This will happen step by step and will take a while.
    Look out for that. 🙂


Hi Moritz, good time reading your article. Now for the grown ups like me, can I use this activity as a “stress healer”? I mean spending time at workplace sometimes can be very stressful, and I wanted to get rid of it somewhere.
What is your advice?



    Hello Azmij,
    archery is great for adults. It is perfect to reduce stress from work.
    Actually, this is one of the reasons why I love archery so much.
    Head over to my blog about health benefits of archery to learn more about that.
    You will find my getting started guide very helpful, too.
    I hope you will pick up archery.
    Let me know how it goes.


Wow, you have a great website.
Always wondered how children could get started with archery.
I think youth archery sets are the right way for it.
I’ll have to check out your site more often.


    Hello Yishan,
    thank you for stopping by!
    Have a look at my getting started guide and read about the different bow types.
    This way you can find out what suits best for you and your children.
    Hope to see you around.

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