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150 LBS Hunting Crossbow With Scope Review – The Perfect Crossbow For Beginners

hunting crossbow

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Name: 150 Hunting Crossbow With Scopehunting crossbow
Materials Used: Fiberglass and Aluminum
Draw Weight: 150 lbs
Crossbow Length: 34″
Crossbow Width: 26″
Crossbow Body Weight: 5 lb 7oz
Limb Length: 27″
Initial Speed of Arrow: 210 Feet Per Second
Specialty: Auto Safety Cocking Mechanism
Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com
My Rating: 9 out of 10

The 150 Crossbow With Scope – Overview

This crossbow from Wizard is perfect for people who are just starting with crossbow shooting or are on a small budget.

It is strong enough to hunt small and big game, but makes a great crossbow for backyard shooting, too.
You can choose between 4 different colors: wood, black, brown desert camo and green autumn camo.

Please be aware of the fact that you have to cock this crossbow manually with a rope (or with your hands) as there is no crank included.
But together with the foot claw, this is an easy enough task.

What You Get

When you buy the 150 LBS Hunting Crossbow this is what will be included:

  • 1 x 150 LBS Hunting Crossbow with 6 Aluminum Arrows (14″ Body, 8mm, 14.75″ Total Length)
  • 1 x Crossbow String
  • 1 x Footclaw
  • 1 x Crossbow Limb
  • 1 x 4×20 Crossbow Scope
  • 6 x 14″ Bolts/Arrows (aluminum arrows)

One of the highlights is definitely the scope! It will improve your aiming a lot and it is just way more fun to shoot with a decent scope.

wizard crossbow black

More Facts About This Crossbow

This crossbow comes ready to shoot.
All you will need is a target.
If you notice that the bow is too difficult to cock (pull the string back), you should get a rope cocking device.
With a cocking rope, you reduce the weight you have to pull back by 50%.

The limbs are made of high-tech fiberglass while the barrel is made of aluminum.
The crossbow is very durable and will bring you a lot of fun for many years and shots to come.

The 150 LBS Hunting Crossbow has a great accuracy for up to 60 yards.

The initial speed of your fired bolt is up to 210 FPS.

wizard crossbow scope

How To Use The 150 LBS Hunting Crossbow

If this is your first crossbow, you will have to learn how to cock it correctly.
The safest way is to do that with a cocking rope. If you do it with your bare hands, you could hurt yourself if it gets too heavy.
You also could damage the crossbow, if you don’t pull the string back evenly.

I absolutely love that this crossbow features an auto safety cocking mechanism.
This means that the safety switch will jump to safe as soon as you have pulled the string back far enough. You will hear two clicks.
You can’t accidentally forget to turn the switch to safe.

Once your crossbow is cocked you load it with an arrow (included in the set) and then you just aim through the scope like you would when shooting a rifle.
It’s that easy.
Crossbows have only very little recoil, compared to guns, so your accuracy should be pretty good, even if you are new to crossbow shooting.

Watch this detailed review of the 150 LBS Hunting Crossbow:


Get Some Additional Accessories

This crossbow starter package is great as is.
Still, there are a few things that will make your life easier and will make sure your new crossbow will stay in a good condition for a long time.

  • Cocking Rope:
    A cocking rope will make sure that you cock the crossbow always in the same and correct way.
    When you cock the crossbow manually you might damage the limbs when you do it wrong.
    Additionally, it is much easier to cock a crossbow with a cocking rope.
    Be nice to yourself and get a cocking rope!
  • Quiver
    A quiver holds the bolts for you and can be attached to your crossbow.
    It stores the bolts safely and conveniently for you to reach quickly.
  • Broadheads
    If you are planning to hunt big game you should consider getting broadheads for your bolts.
    Broadheads are extremely sharp and will penetrate game much more efficiently, which will result in a quicker kill.
    The included arrows are too short to be used with broadheads.
    If you want to use broadheads, you will have to get some longer arrows.
  • Bow String Wax
    This will make sure your crossbow string will hold for a longer time. Always maintain your crossbow and string and you will save a lot of money down the road.

wizard crossbow desert camo


Final Thoughts And Conclusion

You won’t get more crossbow for this price!
The 150 LBS Hunting Crossbow is the best crossbow for beginners who would like to hunt with a crossbow.

If treated right it can be your reliable hunting partner for many years.
Even if you are not planning to hunt you can use this crossbow in your backyard (provided you take care of security measures).

I love that it even has a scope for such a small price. What more could you possibly ask for?

I am looking forward to your thoughts and experiences with this great crossbow.
Let me know when you got one and how you feel about it.
If you have any other question about this or other crossbows, please let me know in the comments below and I will come back to you very soon.

Enjoy your crossbow!

All the best

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David Snodgrass

you really did a great job on reasons to buy this cross bow


    Thank you, David.
    I am glad you liked it.
    It is really a great crossbow for beginners or for people with a smaller bugdet.
    See you.


Thanks for the review on the crossbow package. Very interesting. I have recently started to look into my old hobby of archery and have even thought about a crossbow.
Thank you again,


    Hi Marc,
    the 150 LBS Man Kung Real Wooden Hunting Crossbow is really a fantastic crossbow for people who want to try and see if shooting a crossbow is the right thing for them.
    It is affordable and you can use it for hunting and target shooting.
    If you try it you won’t be disappointed.
    All the best.


Hello Moritz,
This crossbow looks really great! I think I will get one soon.
Thanks for the great review of the Man Kung Hunting Crossbow.


    Hello Ida,
    you are very welcome.
    Have a great time with your new crossbow.
    If this is your first crossbow, have a look at my crossbows for beginners guide.


Nice page set up Moritz.
I thought that a crossbow would be over a $100 or even more. Nice to see it is not too expensive. Once I have some more time and money I might have to take one for a spin.
How long have you been doing archery?
Do you have any tips for beginners?



    Hello Eric,
    thanks for your compliment!

    There are crossbows for under $100 USD, but there are others that cost way more.
    It all depends on what you want and how experienced you are.
    The crossbow I review here is absolutely great for beginners and advanced shooters.

    I have been shooting various bows for over 10 years now.
    Still love it like I did on the first day!

    As a beginner you should read my archery training and the most common archery mistakes.



I am curious is the scope removable if I prefer not to use it? Also, I noticed that you are showing some additional accesories but I am not able to click on any of them to find out more about them. Is there anyway you can give me so more info please.
Thank you


    Hello Tom,

    thank you for letting me know, that the links to the additional accessories are not working. I will fix this right after I left this answer to your comment.
    Additionally, I will add more information and reviews about bows, crossbows and accessories in the near future.

    In the meantime you might want to check out my archery training I am working on at the moment.

    Have a great day!



I’m not sure if you’re familiar with The Walking Dead, but when I see a crossbow, I can’t help but think of Daryl Dixon. Anyways, this is awesome! I found your post to be very informative. I think people who are looking for something like this would find it just as helpful. Thank you for sharing your insights. Keep it up.


    Hi Kat,
    I am familiar with Daryl, but I haven’t watched much of the TV show.
    But I know that he is great with his crossbow.
    If you want to know more about crossbows, I have written a beginners guide and compare crossbows to compound bows here.
    Have a great day!


You really peaked my interest with your website.

I have hunted with pistols, rifles, and shotguns, but always had an interest in archery. The only problem with archery is that I’ve never been very good at it.

A crossbow however (with a scope even) may be something that I could master, and it’s an excellent weapon for lots of hunting or even protection. I’ll bookmark your website and visit it again the next time I’m purchasing a weapon.



    Hello Gary,

    it takes a bit longer to get used to a bow and even longer to control it good enough to go hunting with it.
    If you want to start with archery, I would like to recommend my archery training to you.

    With a strong crossbow you can hunt almost everything and since you have experience with other firearms, you won’t have a problem with a crossbow either.
    To learn a bit more about the differences between crossbows and compound bows, you can read my article about that topic.

    Have a great day and let me know if you choose to buy a crossbow or bow.




Hi Moritz

well that’s a quite interesting website about archery!
It seems like archery is really your passion and that way you can provide some good and reliable reviews for bows, crossbows and archery equipment.
I would love trying archery if I just knew where. I live in the city, and archery is not really popular in my country.

The Man Kung Real Wooden Hunting Crossbow looks great and like a lot of fun!




    Hello David,

    where do you live?
    Many countries have archery clubs in cities as well.
    They either have a big field or shoot inside.

    I would love to help you finding a nice spot, if you let me know where you live.

    Since you seem to be a beginner, I would like to recommend you my archery training where I explain step by step how to shoot with a bow.



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