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My Top 3 TenPoint Crossbow Reviews

Top 3 TenPoint Crossbow Reviews

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TenPoint is famous for its high-quality crossbows that are powerful, fast and accurate.
In the following, I present you my Top 3 TenPoint Crossbow Reviews.

An Introduction To TenPoint Crossbows

Top 3 TenPoint Crossbow Reviews

A TenPoint Crossbow. Used under creative commons from: Jim Wrigley Photography


If you are interested in crossbow shooting you have to try a TenPoint Crossbow one day.
There’s no way around it!

Never have I shot better crossbows than when I was shooting a TenPoint Crossbow.

How Does It Feel To Shoot A TenPoint Crossbow?

One word:


I have been shooting crossbows before but those were cheaper crossbows.
While there is nothing wrong with low-priced crossbows, you feel the difference immediately.

A TenPoint Crossbow is extremely sexy!
It is strong!
It is accurate!
It is durable!

That first crossbow bolt, I fired with a Venom TenPoint Crossbow, changed my perception of crossbows forever!
I am a “bow guy” but…there is not much that is more satisfying than firing a bolt with 372 FPS from an 185 LBS crossbow.

Believe me!
That experience took my breath away.

Want to feel it, too?
Read on and then choose your TenPoint Crossbow:

The three crossbows I will show you today are the TenPoint Stealth SS, the TenPoint Venom, and the TenPoint Vapor.
They are all extremely strong and perfect for hunting.
But that’s not all!

All TenPoint Crossbows feature the following:

  • Crossbow Scope
  • ACUdraw Or ACUdraw 50 Cocking Mechanism
  • Bowjax Dampening System (reduce the sound)
  • Arrows
  • Quiver
  • Warranty

What Is The Difference Between ACUdraw And ACUdraw 50?

Both are cocking mechanisms that will help you to load your crossbow with an arrow.
Without those, you would have a hard time to load one of these crossbows as they have more than 150 LBS draw weight.

The ACUdraw Cocking Mechanism

This mechanism uses a crank to pull back the string. A crank makes it much easier than if you would try to just pull the string back with your hands.

While it is easier to cock a crossbow using the ACUdraw it takes much longer than when you are using the ACUdraw 50 cocking mechanism.
See what I mean below:

The ACUdraw 50 Cocking Mechanism

Here you will have a rope cocking mechanism with a pulley system to pull back the string in order to load the crossbow with an arrow.

No matter which system your crossbow features, both ways make it very easy to load the crossbow.
Just make sure you follow the instructions to avoid injuries to yourself you damage to the crossbow.

It is easy, but things can go wrong if someone doesn’t know how to do it.

The following 3 crossbows made it into my top 3:

The TenPoint Stealth SS CrossbowTenPoint Crossbow Reviews

My quick facts:

  • ACUdraw Cocking Mechanism
  • 3x Optic
  • Draw Weight 185 LBS
  • Light and Compact
  • User Friendly
  • 3 Carbon Arrows
  • Arrow Speed up to 370 FPS
  • Weight (without accessories) 6.8 LBS
  • Get It From

A fantastic crossbow for a very fair price. You get a lot of crossbow and accessories for your money.

Remember that the ACUdraw cocking mechanism features the crank!

The TenPoint Stealth SS is maneuverable, powerful, fast and not too heavy. You can use it perfectly well for hunting or for shooting at a target.
The included arrows have target tips. If you are planning to go hunting, you should get some broadheads instead.

Get the TenPoint Stealth SS Crossbow here.

The TenPoint Venom CrossbowTop 3 Tenpoint Crossbow Reviews

My quick facts:

  • ACUdraw 50 Cocking Mechanism
  • 5x Optic
  • Draw Weight 185 LBS
  • Light and Compact
  • User Friendly
  • 3 Carbon Arrows
  • Arrow Speed up to 372 FPS
  • Weight (without accessories) 6.8 LBS
  • Get It From

While similar to the TenPoint Stealth Crossbow, the TenPoint Venom takes it to the next level with its great 5x optic scope!
It is already sighted in, so you can use it straight away and hit the mark.

This crossbow uses the ACUdraw 50 which is the rope cocking device.

If you want the superior 5x optic scope, the TenPoint Venom crossbow should be your first choice!

Get the TenPoint Venom Crossbow here.

The TenPoint Vapor CrossbowTop 3 Tenpoint Crossbow Reviews

My quick facts:

  • ACUdraw 50 Cocking Mechanism
  • 5x Optic
  • Draw Weight 165 LBS
  • Light and Compact
  • User Friendly
  • 6 Carbon Arrows
  • Arrow Speed up to 360 FPS (with 420-grain arrows!)
  • Weight (without accessories) 6.8 LBS
  • Deluxe Soft Crossbow Case
  • Quiver
  • Get It From

You will notice that the TenPoint Vapor seems to be slower than the Venom or Stealth Crossbow.
But that is not the case. When measuring the speed, different arrow weights were used.
The Vapor shoots 420-grain arrows with 360 FPS, while the other bows shoot 370-grain arrows with about 370 FPS.
When using the same arrows, you will notice that the Tenpoint Vapor Crossbow is actually the faster bow.

It is not only faster but also quieter and has less recoil than the other two crossbows!

What I really like about the Vapor is the string dampening system.
It not only has the normal Bowjax dampeners attached to the limbs but also a string stop that reduces the sound immensely

Additionally, it comes with 6 arrows instead of only 3 and with a great soft crossbow case!

Get the TenPoint Vapor Crossbow here.

Conclusion: I Love TenPoint Crossbows!

If there ever were crossbows that earned the “Must Have Badge” then it’s TenPoint Crossbows!
You will be amazed by the efficiency, accuracy, and power each and every TenPoint Crossbow has in store.

Moritz ImageI hope my TenPoint Crossbow Reviews helped you to make up your mind which of these great crossbows will be your next.
Which one will be your new crossbow?
The SS Stealth?
The Venom?
Or the Vapor?

They are all fantastic and of the highest quality, easy to handle and will serve you well for a very long time.

Have fun with your new crossbow and let me know in the comments which one you chose!



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Wow, the ten point crossbow really look like a powerful tool. On top of that, they are really expensive! I have tried archery using an archery bow before while on a vacation, are crossbows used in leisure shooting sport as well? Are there any other accessories that are needed to go together with a crossbow?



    The TenPoint crossbows have their price, that’s true.
    But you get very high quality for that price and you won’t need another crossbow for a very long time (if ever).

    Those crossbows I reviewed here have everything you need to get started.
    There is additional equipment you can get, but you don’t really need those.

    I would just get one of these crossbows and maybe after some time, you want to get some other optional equipment for them.

    I hope that helped you.

    If you have any more questions, please let me know!



Hello Moritz,
I never hunted but i must admit those are some awsome crossbow. I remember my dad had one when i was a child but couldn’t remember they costed that much. I guess these are high quality crossbows. I was wondering how far you can shoot an arrows with those machine ? How accurate would that be ? I would love to see one of those crossbows in action.
Thank you for you intresting post, really good content !


    Hello Momo.

    (It’s quite funny, because your name is actually my nickname, too.)

    You are right. The TenPoint crossbows are all high quality crossbows that come in a set. So they include everything you need to go hunting right away. Even the scopes are already sighted in.
    Those crossbows will do their job for many many years. If treated well, you won’t need another crossbow for the rest of your life.

    There are cheaper crossbows, of course, but their quality is not the same and they often don’t have additional equipment either.
    I reviewed a great beginner hunting crossbow, that might suit you more, if that’s your first crossbow.
    Check out the 150 LBS Hunting Crossbow.

    All the TenPoint crossbows have an effective range of around 60 yards. (Some might even say up to 70 yards.)
    That doesn’t mean that everybody can shoot accurately that far.
    Most kills with a crossbow are actually on a distance below 20 yards (when hunting deer for example).
    Average shooters can try and shoot at their target on 30-40 yards, but everything above that will be very difficult to hit and can only be done by really good crossbow shooters.

    Let me know when you have any more questions.



hello, I just wanted to point out some misinformation you stated regarding the Vapor vs. Venom speed. The Vapor is actually faster than the Venom if you take into consideration the arrow weight they tested the speeds at. The Vapor slings 420 grain bolts at a true 360 fps. The Venom does not as its speed of 370+ was with an arrow weighted at 370 grains. The Venom shoots a 425 grain arrow at 353, so as compared to the Vapor, the Venom would shoot a 420 grain arrow roughly around 354 fps while the Vapor shoots that same weight at 360 fps. The Vapor is in fact a slightly faster bow. The differences are that the Vapor is a bit faster, more narrow, is more quiet, shoots 22″ bolts for more stable long rage flight (venom shoots 20″) & comes with a bit more included with its package. The Venom is .3 lbs lighter and is 3 inches shorter in length (some may prefer its more compact length although it is 1 inch wider). Both are great crossbows and you can’t really go wrong with either. Happy hunting!


    Hello Dave,
    thank you so much for pointing out the inaccuracies.
    I have updated the article about the TenPoint crossbows.
    I absolutely agree that you can’t go wrong with any of these crossbows. 🙂
    Happy hunting to you, too!



Great information for all those crossbows archers out there.

It is tough to find information like this on the internet that is focused on archery and crossbows.
I have learned a lot here about TenPoint crossbows. This helps me decide which one I should choose.

I think I will go for the Venom.
It looks amazing!

I look forward to your future posts.



    Hi Chris,

    I think you will have a great time with the Venom from TenPoint.
    Like the others, it is of the highest quality and so strong.

    No matter if you are using it at a range or for hunting. It will not disappoint you.



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