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The Bullseye Masterpiece – The Ultimate Archery Guide For Beginners

Bullseye Masterpiece cover

If you have been searching for a complete and compact archery guide for beginners, look no further!

I present to you:

The Bullseye Masterpiece

Bullseye Masterpiece cover

I have taken all my knowledge about archery and put it into this book.

While it is compact, it is as complete as it can get without boring the reader.

If you know my blog, you know that I always deliver in-depth and accurate information and tips about archery.

Things You Will Learn In This Book

The following topics will be discussed in The Bullseye Masterpiece:

  • Bow Types
  • Protective Archery Equipment
  • Optional Archery Equipment
  • How To Shoot With A Bow
  • Target Panic
  • Archery Terms

Bow Types

Get an overview over the three most commonly used bows, the longbow, recurve bow and compound bow.

bows and arrows

Protective Archery Equipment

It is so important that you keep yourself (and others) safe at all times.
Archery is great fun, but there is a certain danger, which you have to be aware of.

You will need to get equipment to save yourself from bruises and your shooting environment has to be a safe one, too!

Optional Archery Equipment

In this chapter you will learn about sights and other tools, that can make your life as an archer easier.
While not a must have, you should consider getting one or another of these handy helpers.

How To Shoot With A Bow

Archery looks easier than it actually is.

When you see experienced archers, you might think: “I can do that, too! I will hit the bullseye every time!”

The truth is, that most beginners will have a hard time hitting the target on longer distances.
This is absolutely normal, as we all have to learn the techniques and little tricks, right?

I guide you through all the steps you need to know.
Starting from how to stand correctly, over how to hold the bow, draw and aim, to what you need to do after you let the arrow fly.

Target Panictarget panic

Target panic is a widely discussed archery topic.
If you are suffering from target panic, you are having huge problems hitting your target.

Target panic is a condition where you either release your arrow too early, without getting a good anchor or aiming at the target, or (in rarer cases) can’t release your arrow at all!

This can be very frustrating and most archers don’t know how to fix this problem.
Many give up because they think that they are bad archers.

Please don’t give up!
Target panic can happen to anyone. Even very experienced archers can suffer from it.
They were hitting the bullseye every time, but suddenly can’t even hit the target anymore.

I talk about target panic and how to get rid of it in my book The Bullseye Masterpiece.

Archery Terms

So many archery books out there are using very specific archery vocabulary.

People who are new to archery have no clue what those words might mean!

In The Bullseye Masterpiece, all these terms are explained and translated!
If you stumble over a word you don’t know, just look it up in the glossary.

If you still should find a term that doesn’t make sense to you, please let me know, so that I can update the book and add this term.

I Hope You Enjoy My Book

I am absolutely sure that The Bullseye Masterpiece gives you all the information you need to succeed in archery.

Let me know how you liked it by leaving a comment below or by writing a review on Amazon.

I welcome both positive and negative feedback.
Only when I know that something could be better, can I make the changes to create the perfect archery guide for beginners!

I will see you soon.