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Get Your Hands On Bow String Wax – Proper Bow Maintenance

scorpion bow string wax

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Many people new to archery have never seen what is needed to keep a bow in shape and have never used bow string wax or other things required to prolong the life of the archery equipment.

They will know bows most likely only from movies and fun fairs.
Little do they know of the things one must do to to prevent a bow from breaking or a bow string from snapping.

True, modern bows are often made of synthetic materials and light metals like aluminum, that don’t need much (if any) maintenance, but traditional bows made of wood and all bow strings do need proper treatment to keep up to the daily tasks set upon them at the archery range.

bow string wax


The Problem

Like everything that is used a lot, the bow string of your bow will not hold forever.

Just imagine for a second what happens to it everytime you let an arrow fly:

When drawing your bow, you pull the string back with great force and then let it go suddenly.
All this energy travels from the limbs through the bow string and into the arrow. Then the string suddenly gets stopped and rushes back to its original position vibrating heavily.

I think you know now, that this is very hard work and demands a lot of the bow string.

Another problem can be water and humidity. But this is only true when you are using a traditional bow string made of natural materials.

Most modern bow strings are made of materials, that are uneffected by water, like polyester, liquid crystel polymers and more.
While those modern strings don’t get damaged by the water, they might still get soaked with water, which makes them heavier. This will reduce your efficiency when shooting in heavy rain.

Quite the opposite can happen, when it is too dry!
It is very bad for your bow string to dry out, because it can snap even easier then.

Handmade Bow String Wax

Handmade Bow String Wax. Used under creative commons from: LivingShadow


The Solution

To make your bow string last much longer than they would usually and to prevent them from getting soaked or dried out, I highly recommend to buy some bow string wax!

It is cheap and serves its purpose very well.

Make sure you check the description of the wax to make sure it is the right one for you bow string.

Then when you got your wax, you just apply it carefully with your fingers. Don’t make it too thick.
Just spread it out, so you have a nice and thin film of wax all over your bow string.

If you are using a compound bow, do the same with the cables of the bow.

Again, make sure you are using the correct wax for you bow/bow string!


Where To Buy Bow String Wax

You can get it in every archery store, or conveniently from

The following are just three examples of many different waxes you can get:

crossbow lube wax

Crossbow Lube Wax

scorpion bow string wax

Scorpion Bow String Wax

tenpoint bow string wax

TenPoint Bow String Wax


Now That Your Problem Has Been Solved…

I want you to get out there and continue with your archery training.

Keep your bow, archery equipment and bow string well mantained, by using bow string wax, and you are going to have a great time.

Bow string wax is way cheaper than bow strings, so it is a great investment and after some time, you will get a feeling for when you need to wax your bow string and when it is still doing fine.

Are you waxing your bow string regularly?

Did you even know about this problem and its solution?

Let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to discuss everything with you.

Happy hunting!



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Bob Brooks

I have a friend who loves archery and have sent him your link. He has been encouraging me to go with as I do love the out doors. I enjoyed your site and received a lot of information and insight. I was a person who thought buy a bow and go, realize now the everything should and need maintenance. Thanks for the site, it is very well organized and complete


    Hello Bob.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and recommending my site to your friend.

    You are absolutely right.

    A bow, like any other tool, needs regular maintenance. This is especially important if you are using a bow made of natural resources.
    A high tech bow made of aluminum doesn’t need as much care as a wooden bow, but you still have to treat it carefully.

    If you love the outdoors, archery would be indeed a great sport for you.

    Why not have a look at the different bow types.

    If you have done hunting or shooting with rifles, you might be interested in crossbows, too.

    Give it a try and let me know how you like it.



Hello Moritz,

I never was interested in archery but after accidentally finding your blog, I actually got interested in it!

It’s really true that many people don’t have the proper knowledge about the maintenance of their equipment. And I’m not talking about only archery as an exception. Some people don’t even know how to take care of their car…

Overall, very nice article and beautiful website!


    Hi Julius,

    thanks for your kind words. 🙂
    And you are absolutely right. Maintenance is so important!

    If you want to know more about archery, check out my beginners guide.

    All the best.


Can you use crossbow string wax on a genesis bow string?



    Yes, you can. The other way around can cause problems, though, if the bow string wax is not of a good quality.

    All the best

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