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Follow Through In Archery – The Final Step To Success

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Archer following through, after the release.

Woman after release. Used under creative commons from: LauraHale

We made it!
This is the final step of my training! Learn how to follow through in archery and you are fit and ready to go to your nearest archery range and become a great archer.
Or you can practice this great sport at home, but don’t forget to keep yourself and others safe when doing so.
Read on to learn what this is all about:

What Is A Follow Through?

It means that you are not done when you released your arrow and the arrow flew toward the target.
You can’t just put down your bow and walk away.
Instead, there are still a few things you have to do, to finish your archery movement.

Don’t worry, it is not a lot you have to do at this point.

How Is It Done?

Just before you released the arrow, your chest was fully extended and your back muscles held the draw weight while your hand was pulling at the string.

Now, that the string has left your fingers, all the weight is suddenly gone.
To compensate for this, you keep moving your hand away from the target, passing your face and head.
Your bow arm has to stay up and straight.
You can loosen the grip on your bow a little so that it tips forward.
If you are using a bow sling, the bow will be held only by the sling now and tips forward completely.

When your hand passed your head you stay in this position until you hear the arrow hit the target.
If it didn’t hit the target you just count to three.
Then you can finally put down the bow and your hand and review your shot to find out if you have done something wrong or what you could improve.

Follow Through In Archery

Woman follows through after the release.

Why Is This So Important?

It is important to follow through because by doing this you make sure that you don’t move the bow or your body too early to affect your shot negatively.

It is a technique you can see all professional archers do, so from that, you know that it is really vital to your success in archery.

That’s a wrap!

Thank you so much for reading and hopefully enjoying my archery training.

I have given you the 10 basic archery shooting techniques you need to succeed in archery.

You came a long way, starting with the proper archery stance and finished today with the follow through in archery.

This was a lot of information, so I recommend that you go back and read again whenever you have the feeling you might have forgotten something.

But most importantly:

Enjoy your time shooting your bow!
It is a great activity and I can hardly describe the feeling I have when I practice with one of my bows.
It gives me a lot and helps me relax and get away from a hard day and clear my mind.

Leave me a quick line to tell me what your feelings are about archery.
Have you just started, or are you already a decent archer?
Are there any questions left you couldn’t find answers to in my training?

Now that you’ve completed the training, it’s time to get a bow so you can start shooting!

Talk to you soon.



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This is really informative article, I came across the final step and I feel like I need to go back and read all of the steps you have provided. This is enjoyable and good means to learn archery.
As I read your profile, archery has been your means to release stress. How often do you practice? Can you recommend this as a sports, a hobby or a therapy?
As far as I know, there are very few archers but this is a very special skill for a very special person…just curious about it


    Hello Leo.

    I am happy that you find my archery training helpful!

    I wish I could go shooting every day, but unfortunately time doesn’t allow this.
    So, I try to go at least once a week on the weekends. In a good week I go to the archery range three times a week.
    It really depends on how much I have to do.

    Archery can be all of this.
    It is fun, it releases a lot of stress and it is good for your body.
    You can read more about this in my article: “health benefits of archery“.



The Fat Guy

Hello Moritz,
I don’t want to be done, I want more. LOL
Great advice.
I never quite got why so many archers stand still for so long after the shot.
I had no idea that even thinking about moving before the shot would effect it, but now that you have brought it up I can see why it would and how to improve on it.
I love your information and I can’t wait to see what you will do next.
The Fat Guy



    You can go back and start from the beginning any time! 😉
    It really means a lot to me, that you find my guide helpful!

    I published a new post already.
    You can read it here. This time it is about a great compound bow.

    Enjoy your day!



This is great information for someone looking into this sport. I’m researching it as an activity for my teenager. Is this an expensive sport and are there teams available to compete? I’m really wanting to get them out of the house and off the video game system for a while and experience a different kind of challenge.


    Hello Sheila,

    I like that name!
    Archery is great for kids. Both teenagers and younger children can start with archery.
    It depends on where you live. Some areas have a lot of archers and therefore hold tourneys.
    Have you already found an archery club?
    I am sure they can tell you if they have competitions with other teams.

    In the beginning, I wouldn’t focus too much on competitive archery.
    It is important to learn how to shoot properly first.

    I have some information about youth archery and youth archery sets for kids.

    If you haven’t already I recommend to read through the whole training “10 basic archery shooting techniques“.
    This will be helpful for your kids, too.

    Let me know how it goes.
    I love it when kids start with archery and play less video games! 🙂



Great article on archery! I haven’t shot a bow in a long time but I play darts, basketball and baseball and definitely know the value of following through! In a lot of cases the follow through not only helps ensure that you aim properly, but can also help you prevent injury! Its great that you make sure to include this very important step!


    Hello Trevor,

    you are absolutely right. The follow through is an important step in many different sports!
    Thanks for sharing your experience!



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