Archery Safety - My Archery Corner - Part 2

Archery Safety

A man drawing a bow using a finger tab.

The Best Finger Tab For Archery – Save Your Fingers

Every time someone picks up a bow for the first time, he will notice the bite of the string. Today I want to tell you about the best finger tab for archery. Actually, there are three different types you should be aware of! The Job Of A Finger Tab No matter what kind of finger protection you […]

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traditional arm guard

Why To Get An Archery Arm Guard – Save Yourself The Pain

Almost everybody who shoots a bow for the first time, especially without professional advice, will wish he had used an archery arm guard! They most likely will come away with some nasty bruises on their forearm. What happened? When you draw the bow, a lot of energy gets stored in the bowstring. This energy get transfered […]

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Safety First

Archery Safety Equipment – Keep Others Safe, Too

I have already shown you how to protect yourself in my post about protective archery gear. There I talked about finger tabs, arm guards, and chest guards. Now it is time to protect others, too. Especially when you shoot at home, there are certain things you have to pay attention to. There is archery safety equipment […]

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What Kind Of Protective Archery Gear Do I Need?

Protecting yourself and others is something you should do right from the start. The bow is a dangerous weapon which must not be underestimated. There are certain areas of your body that have a higher chance of injuries if you don’t protect them. Those are your fingers, your arm, and your chest (if you are a […]

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