TruGlo Single Pin Bow Sights Rock The Archery World

TruGlo Single Pin Bow Sights Rock The Archery World

Looking through a bow sight in archery.

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If you are looking for high-quality single pin bow sights, I have a great one right here for you.
The TruGlo Range Rover Pro Sight, which I will talk about below, is one of the best single-pin sights I have tried.

Actually, calling it a “single pin sight” is not 100% accurate.
TruGlo upgraded their previous single pin sight to an LED dot sight which makes it even better!

Follow along to find out, why I think you should get this sight:

Summary of the TruGlo Range Rover Pro SightTRUGLO Range Rover PRO 1-Pin LED Bow Sight, PWR-DOT Micro LED Technology, Micro-Adjustable + Bow-Jack Folding Bow Stand

Name: TruGlo Range Rover Pro Archers Choice
Pins: 1
Yardage Dial, the pin has been replaced by an LED dot!
Availability: Right Hand and Left Hand
Best Place to Buy:
My Rating: 9 out of 10

Advantages Of A Single Pin Sight

Maybe you have been using 3- or 5-pin sights and are wondering why you would trade this for a sight that has only one pin.

One huge advantage is, that you don’t have multiple pins which can get in your way when aiming. Some archers have the problem that the pins seem to “blur together” and they can’t focus on the one pin they need in that situation.
A single pin sight has a much higher field of view, so you will have an easier time looking through it to aim at your target.

Another plus of a single pin sight is that you are not limited regarding the distances you want to shoot at.
A 5-pin sight gets adjusted to 5 different distances and everything between or below has to be estimated by the archer and he will have to aim higher or lower.
With an LED dot sight like the TruGlo Range Rover Sight, you have almost unlimited options to adjust the sight to the current distance.
Once sighted in, you will just have to turn its dial to set the dot, so you won’t need to aim higher or lower.

aiming down the sight

So my main advantages of this sight over a multiple pin bow sight are:

  • Higher field of view
  • No blurred-together pins
  • Almost unlimited adjustments

What You Need To Know About The TruGlo Range Rover Sight

Like all other sights as well, you will need to sight in the TruGlo sight first.

Follow the included instructions to do that, or ask another experienced archer if you have never done it yourself.

Once you have sighted it in at 20 yards and another mark (e.g. 40 yards), all you need to do is use the yard tape which comes with the sight and you are all set.
From then on, you only need to turn the yard dial and by doing that adjust the sight to any distance in the set range.
It doesn’t get easier than that. (Watch the video a bit down below to learn how to use the yard tapes.)

The dial features a micro-adjust windage for the most precise targeting possible.

TRUGLO Range Rover PRO 1-Pin LED Bow Sight, PWR-DOT Micro LED Technology, Micro-Adjustable + Bow-Jack Folding Bow Stand

What I also love about this sight is that it is ambidextrous, so it can be used with a right and left-hand bow.
Many sights don’t offer this option, which makes the TruGlo sight stand out.

The sight is made to take a lens, too, but you will need to get that extra if you want to use one.

Last but not least you can even mount a quiver (not included) to the bracket of the sight.

All The Specifications At A Glance

  • LED single-dot design
  • Easy to sight in (80-yard tapes included)
  • Micro adjustments with the yard dial
  • Ambidextrous
  • A lens can be added
  • High field of vision
  • Quiver can be mounted to the bracket
  • Optional bow stand for a compound bow

Small Downside Of The TruGlo Sight

There is only a small thing I can complain about:

While the manufacturer states that it can be used for left-hand bows, there are a few small problems you will face when using it as a left hander.

First, the range pin might not be visible as well as when it is on the other side.
Second, your riser might block the sight so that you can’t use the recommended bolt holes and therefore might have to use the upper ones which will hinder you from using the full yard range of the sight.

Other than that I didn’t find any negative things about this LED dot sight.

TRUGLO Range Rover PRO 1-Pin LED Bow Sight, PWR-DOT Micro LED Technology, Micro-Adjustable + Bow-Jack Folding Bow Stand

My Final Words: The TruGlo Range Rover Sight Is Awesome!

Other than the problems that left-handers might experience, the TruGlo Range Rover Sight is the perfect sight for everybody who wants to get a single pin/dot bow sight.

Moritz ImageIt is super easy to mount, to sight in and it will give you a great and precise archery experience.

You can’t go wrong with this sight.

If you agree with me that this is a fantastic sight for a very fair price, then you can get the TruGlo Range Rover Pro Sight here.

Do you like single pin or multiple pin sights?
Let me know in the comments below.

Let’s go and score some bullseyes.

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