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The Best Mechanical Release – Improve Your Shot

The Best Mechanical Release

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I covered all the basics about mechanical releases in my article “What Is A Mechanical Release?“.
Now I want to introduce you to the best mechanical release, based on my personal opinion:

And The Winner Is…

The Tru Fire 360 Extreme!The Best Mechanical Release

My quick facts:

Name: Tru Fire 360 Extreme
Release Type: Wrist Trigger (wrist band)
Number Of Calipers: 2
Speciality: 360 degree rotation of the head
Best Place To Buy:

Why Is It So Good?

The Tru Fire 360 Extreme release is my favorite mechanical release, because it offers you great features for a fantastic prize.
It is of very high quality and will be your reliable friend for a long time. The wrist strap is made of nylon.

I personally like releases with dual calipers, as they make it impossible for the string to get lose without pulling the trigger.

Especially the 360 degree rotation of the head is great, because you can rotate your hand without affecting the calipers of the release and the trigger will follow this movement, so that it always stays in reach.
If you don’t want or like this 360 rotation, you can lock the head with a small screw in any position. It won’t rotate then anymore.

Let’s Have A Look At The Trigger:

The trigger is pulled with your index finger and its sensivity can be adjusted by turning the dial.
The sensivity range lies between 4 to 26 ounces.

I think it is very important that you can change the sensivity of the trigger, because every archer has different preferences and some like a higher sensivity than others.

More You Need To Know:

Another feature is that you can change the length between the strap and the head, so that you can affect the draw length a bit with the Tru Fire 360 Extreme release.
The body of this release is held as short as possible to reduce the draw length loss you get by using a wrist trigger release.

My Final Thoughts On The Tru Fire 360 Extreme Release

It is the best mechanical release that features a wrist band. You won’t find any better release for such a great prize.
You just can’t go wrong with this release!

Get it now directly from


The Best Mechanical Release With A T-Handle:

The Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4

My quick facts:The Best Mechanical Release

Name: Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4
Release Type: T-Handle Release
Number Of Calipers: 2
Speciality: Maximum Draw Length
Best Place To Buy:

Number One Of T-Handle Releases

For everybody who doesn’t like releases with a wrist band, the Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 release is the best alternative.

The release is very durable and made as small as possible.
It doesn’t take away too much of your draw length, so you don’t lose too much power and speed when shooting your bow with this release.

Advantages Of The Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release

While these are all objective opinions, they should be taken into consideration:

  • leave the release attached to the string while taking a break
  • use it easily with gloves
  • feels more natural

Leave The Release Attached To The String

This is my favorite advantage of a t-handle release.
When you are taking a break or waiting in a deer stand for game to show up, you can just leave the release attached to the bowstring while you can use your hand for other things.
Then, when an animal shows up, you can grab it quickly and are ready to shoot in no time.
If you are using a release with a wrist band, you will have to wear it the whole time around your wrist and when game shows up, you will have to attach it to the bowstring first, which can cost you a few seconds in which the animal might already be gone again.

Use It Easily With Gloves

While I think it is better to shoot without gloves, you can use a t-handle release with gloves if it is just too cold outside.
Or you can use the above advantage and keep the release attached to the string and warm your hands inside a glove or mittens. When you see your prey, you can slip out the glove/mittens and are ready to shoot quickly.
All you need to do is grab the release. You can even keep your eyes on the animal, because you don’t need to fumble to attach the release to the bowstring, as you kept it attached to it the whole time.

Feels More Natural

Especially if you have shot without a mechanical release for a long time, the Tru Ball MAx Hunter Pro 4 release will feel more natural for you.
The big difference to shooting without a release is that you let the arrow fly by pushing a trigger with your thumb.
The rest feels very familiar, because you mainly feel the draw weight of the bow with your fingers/hand and not with your wrist.

The Tru Ball MAX Hunter Pro 4 release is on sale on Amazon

Wrist Trigger Or T-Handle?

I promised you the best mechanical release but I gave you two.
All you need to do is to decide whether you want a release with a wrist band or a t-handle release.

You can try both to find out which one suits you the best.

If you have a question or want to share you experiences, please do so in the comments below.



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Nice options Moritz. I think I will definitely go with the T-Handle. I like being able to use my hands for other things and still be able to act quickly when I need to fire. I am currently using a wrist type release and it’s good but could be better. Plus we hunt when it is very cold so using it with gloves is vital. Thanks for the tips man!


    Hi Titus.

    Yes, those points are truly great advantages of the T-Handle release.

    With a wrist band you either have to hold the bow in your hand the whole time, or you have to fumble to attach the release to the bowstring, when game suddenly appears.

    With a T-Handle you can just pick up the bow and are ready to shoot quickly when needed.

    Let me know when you got it and tried it!




Firing bows and crossbows is always something I’ve wanted to try. It brings me back to middle earth days when armies would use big bows for their ranged weapons rather than guns (guns are no fun, hah too quick). Archery requires a true marksman’s precision. These look like awesome products. I’ll need to enroll in an archery course so I can try them.


    Hi Wil,

    Combound bows like the Bear Archery Apprentice 3 are fantastic bows for beginners.
    But they are very modern. If you would prefer traditional bows, you should check out longbows or recurve bows instead.
    You also can take a look at my archery training. That will get you started.

    All the best

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