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Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight – The Best Single Pin Bow Sight

Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight

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There is hardly something more annoying than being unable to see your target clearly when shooting with a bow. Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight

Multiple pin bow sights have their advantages, but single pin bow sights are even better!

If you have never shot with one you should read this article about the best single pin bow sight!

Moritz Image

Hi, I am Moritz and for the longest time, I have been shooting with a 5-pin bow sight.
It was recommended by my trainer and so I thought it would be the best option for me.

My trainer was not completely wrong.
That sight was great but I often struggled with it and couldn’t see the target clearly.

That’s when I decided to try a single pin bow sight and I fell in love with it immediately.
Read on to find out which sight I am using now:

Before I get into the details, here is a quick overview:

Name: HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight – DS-5019 Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight
Pins: 1
Speciality: Yardage Dial
Availability: Right Hand and Left Hand
Best Place to Buy:  Amazon.com
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Single Pin Bow Sight That Will Change How You Aim Forever

There are many single pin bow sights out there but only a few can provide you with the same accuracy and quality as the sight I am going to introduce to you today.

It is easy to sight in and once you have sighted it in correctly, it is extremely easy to adjust it to the distance you are aiming at in that moment.
All you have to do is to turn the dial.

Why Would I Choose A Single Pin Sight Over A 5 Pin Sight?

Only a few days ago I told you about the Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight, which is a fantastic 5 pin bow sight.
The thing is, that quite many archers don’t like to have too many pins in one sight.
It can be distracting to a point where the archer just can’t hit the target anymore.

Simple single pin sights have the problem, that they are only sighted in on one set distance. Whenever you shoot on a shorter or longer distance, you will have to aim lower or higher than the pin tells you.
This makes it way more difficult to hit your target if you don’t have a lot experience.

Now, the Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight solves this problem with great style.
The yardage dial lets you adjust the pin to whatever distance your target is away from you.
All you have to do is to set it up correctly once, which is easy enough when you follow the instructions that come with the sight.
From that moment on, it is incredibly easy to calibrate the pin to the desired distance.

My Quick Rundown Of The Facts

  • Fiber Optic Single Pin
  • CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Yardage Dial To Adjust Pin Easily
  • Easy To Set Up And Sight In
  • Brightness Of The Pin Is Adjustable
  • Green Sight Ring

Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight

Pros and Cons of the Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight

While this is one of the best single pin bow sights, it has a small issue:

  • Difficult To Combine With Bow Quiver

The sight can be difficult to combine with several bow quivers, so it is best to use a side or back quiver.
There are some quivers, however, that can be used in combination with this sight.
So be careful, if you want to use a bow quiver.

Here a short list of the pros:

  • Yardage Dial
  • Fiber Optic Pin
  • Adjustable Brightness Of The Pin
  • Very Light But Robust

What I personally like the most about the Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight is the yardage dial. It is so easy to adjust the sight to any distance.
No need to aim higher or lower anymore.

Conclusion: The Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight Is Awesome!

Moritz ImageThis sight is the best out of all single pin bow sights I have tried so far.
You will thank me when you follow my advice and get it here for the best price.

It will be your true friend when you go out to hunt or let your arrows fly on an archery range.

Like I mentioned the Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight is my favorite single pin sight as of now.

Let me know in the comments if you have any concerns or questions about this bow sight.
I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.

Have a great day and happy hunting!



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I have never really used a bow sight before, but I have used many sights for different rifles and pistols and semi-automatic weapons.

I am very big on just the one sight myself, when it comes to those and I would assume I would be the same for the bow as well.

Have you ever any sights on rifles or pistols before? And if so, are you similar in what sights you use for the bow?

Thanks for any help you can provide?


    Hello Jason!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with me.

    I am originally from Germany and haven’t used a gun or rifle so far. In Germany it’s mostly professional hunters or people in rural areas who get a licence for carrying a gun.
    It’s quite difficult to get a licence for that in Germany.

    But I think it would be a good idea to get a single pin sight like the Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight, when you have experience with this kind of sight.

    Sorry, I don’t really know much about guns and rifles and I am not sure how similar or different the sights for rifles are compared to bow sights.




Hi Moritz!

Great website you have here!

I have been digging into it a little, and I find it very informative and complete, specially for those, who like me, are totally clueless about this discipline.

Regarding this particular accesorie, I wonder, why there is no option for leftys? It is a market thing?

Just curious 🙂

Congrats on the site!



    Hello Fito!

    Thanks for that compliment! I am glad that you like my site.

    As a beginner I would like to recommend to read my archery training and get an idea about which bow you should get first.

    It is unfortunate that some sights are only available for right handed people.
    I think it is mainly because manufacturers think that there are more right handed people, than left handed people.
    The thing is, that in archery it is not important which hand you usually use!
    Only your dominant eye is important and will dictate which bow you need.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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