Getting Started - My Archery Corner - Part 6

Getting Started

Nov 11

The Great Bear Archery Apprentice 3 Compound Bow

By Moritz

bear archery apprentice 3 compound bow - thumb

The Bear Apprentice 3 Compound Bow is a fantastic bow for beginners and advanced archers.  If you ever wanted a bow that grows with you and adjusts to your skill, you have just found it! In this review, I will explain exactly what makes this bow so great and why you should get it. Let’s […]

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Nov 08

Choose Your Correct Bow Draw Weight

By Moritz

correct draw weight

Knowing the correct bow draw weight is one of the most important things in archery. Too many new archers are trying to shoot with a bow that is too strong for them. Do yourself a favor and read through my article to save yourself a lot of frustration, pain and money: What Is Bow Draw […]

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Nov 06

How To Measure The Draw Length For Archery?

By Moritz

Draw Length Of A Bow

Have you ever wondered how to measure the draw length for archery? You probably read “draw length” all the time when you are starting with archery. But what is it exactly, why is it important and how can I find out my own draw length? Keep reading to get the answers to all those questions: […]

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Oct 28

What Is Fletching?

By Moritz

index feather

I have been asked the question “What is fletching?” so I decided to give the answer here on my blog for everybody to read. If you want to know what fletching is and why it is so important in archery, keep reading: No Archery Without Fletching   Yes, it is that important! Without proper fletching […]

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