Advanced Archery - My Archery Corner - Part 2

Advanced Archery

Nov 04

What Is A Peep Sight?

By Moritz

truglo peep sight

I wrote about aiming with sights and instinctive archery, but there is yet another way of aiming. If you ever had the question “What Is A Peep Sight?” you will find the answer to it here. It makes a huge difference if you are using this little tool or not! Hey, this is Moritz. Archery is […]

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Nov 02

What Is The Arrow Spine?

By Moritz

A spine meter

In my post about the Archers Paradox I mentioned the “arrow spine”. Now it’s time to answer the question: What Is The Arrow Spine? When you read the article mentioned above, you know that arrows are not as stiff as metal but bend when they are shot. The arrow travels then toward the target flexing left […]

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Oct 30

What Is The Archers Paradox?

By Moritz

archers paradox aiming

Today I want to talk about a very fascinating aspect of archery and give you the answer to the question: What Is The Archers Paradox? I think you know that “paradox” means that two or more things that can never be true at the same time, suddenly are true at the same time. So a paradox […]

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