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Hi, as a huge archery enthusiast I love sharing my knowledge about archery. Enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have a question.

Jan 20

Archery For Blind People – Is It Possible?

By Moritz

archery for blind people

Archery is a sport where we try to hit a target. So, how about archery for blind people? Can people who are not able to see participate in archery? How can they hit a target? Is it maybe too dangerous? Read on to learn how visually impaired people can still have fun with archery: Can Blind […]

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Jan 02

The Field Logic Youth Block Genz Open Target

By Moritz

Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target

Maybe you just got your young archer a new bow and you need a target now.  But which target is the right one for you? The starting costs in archery are pretty high. But buying a low-quality target will fix that problem only for a short time. You will need a new target very quickly if […]

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